Webster's definition: "The biggest mind- raping meme on teh internetz, besides the lazar. Became old quickly and is no longer funny."

Glory.....memes.....same difference......

As you can see many try to copy but just not the same...

THIS IS SPARTA!!!! according to the japanese rawr!!!

Just The Facts

  1. If you want to litter the net with your awesome meme, go for some needlesly loud and liable to create a sound addiction.
  2. There are like a zillion remixes. But some just sound like shit.
  3. the original comic book version sucked compared to it. He doesnt yell THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!

This is Sparta with diseases

Besides the fact it was totally awsome you got to wonder. They throw people into a pit of death but no plaque what the fuck. You atleast want to see what the fucks down there maybe a giant snake. Well........

THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why This is Sparta was a bad decision

Ahh Captian were fucked.

Why they were screwd over

The senates were bad just like some other movies.*wink* *wink* starwars.

They were super outnumbered.

The Troops of the severly deformed

There enemys were basically all deformed and not that good to watch.

I would of put the unmasking but im eating right now.

Ah Sir I counted heads and I think some soldiers left

Woah Woah where the hell is the promised 300 no where to be seen

but wait lets count the enemy.

Soldier: Roughly about a couple hundred thousand sir.

Wow when you think of one mans hero like words can spawn so much hate.

But they held them off for the others to come after they died.

Remember Kids

THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Noessssssss *Splat*