Future Technology

We all had our vision of the future. In class we would look out the window and hope that one day we would grow into a world of lasers, jet cars, and Charlize Theron.

Ink blots have radiation too

Just The Facts

  1. Kinetic Energy is better for weapons then lasers
  2. We suck at building robots.
  3. NASA needs to get their shit together.

Top 5 Future Tech, shifting through the BS

Back in the Day...

Growing up in the 90s I was just a kid when Lucas re-released the original Star Wars trilogy, I had all the little toys and shit and for Halloween guess what I went as? Darth freaking Vader. And my neighbor had to go as the pansy storm trooper because they were all out of Darth Vader costumes at Party City. And the year after that I was treated to The Lost World. Well I didn't dress up as a dinosaur but I got my parents to blow a shit load of money on dinosaur toys. And then a few years after that Lucas released the cancer inducing Episode 1. But as a kid, I didn't care. Seeing the flashy lights and CGI droids getting their ass blown up kept me in my seat. And within that same year lets not forget the Matrix slow mowing our freaking imaginations! So my point is by the age of 12, I pretty much imagined the future to be filled with a bunch of bullet time stromtrooping dinosaurs. Not to mention all the hours logged on Halo, Time Splitters 2, and watching Terminator 2 - the only real terminator movie.

My childhood

1) Lasers

I always thought that lasers were the weapons of tomarrow. But all that changed when I was watching a

Youtube video about how good old Kinetic energy will KICK THE ASS of a laser anyday of the week.

Basically what the video is saying, is that if lasers actually ever were used in a space warzone like star wars, they would be different from what we have seen on the big screen. Basically they wont make any sound because they are in space, but I'll give them that. However, they wont be any color at all, they would be invisible, and they wouldn't be all that powerful. However, if you were to shoot a bullet in space at the speed of light, ie like a laser. It would basically turn whatever it hits into an Atomic Bomb.

Some Marines probable fighting off someTerminators

But is there still hope?
Yes, the truth is, the army is and has been hard at work on laser tech for years now. Lasers are already used in the army today, but just not in the Stormtrooper blasting sense that we have come to think of. For the most part lasers are used to help computers measure distance, not to fry terrorist.

2) Androids

Ok, where the hell is my andriod battle maid? Damnit we are well on our way into the twenty first centuary and there are NO DAMN ROBOTS anywhere. I mean I thought the uprising was going to happen in the later 90s?

Well no, we have no robots. And when I say robots I dont mean those arms that zap car bodies, I mean real freakin robots that chase Will Smith around on roof tops. Oh and this honda robot doesnt count. But its a step in the right direction.


But is there still hope?

The sad truth is that we probable wont see any fully functional androids in our life time. It really just comes down to where you draw the line, I mean yes you can point to the line up of Honda robots, but I mean all the demonstrations are in a controlled area where the robot has been pre-programmed to do it's act. And thats really all it is, an act. Give me a robo that can cross a New York city street without getting hit by cab and I'll stand corrected.

3) Flying Cars

After seeing Blade Runner I expected to see some shit up in the air by the time I got to college. Well guess what. No flying cars. Now I know some of you are going to jump on me and say that they do have flying cars, but Im not talking about that red hunk of junk they call a car. Its more like a million dollar airplane reshaped to look like a car. I want something that uses anti gravity drives and whatever radio gamma glue to take off high into the sky. Aruge all you want, but as soon as flying car gets moved from the Fiction section of Wikipedia, Im not convinced.

Pictured above: Just a small airplane

But is there still hope?

Yes and no. One must ask the question, do we really need a flying car and will it be any better than a normal car. I mean I'd be more interested in the new driverless cars being build in CA. Where the cars drive themselves and the drivers just sleep the whole time.

4.) Virtual Reality

As a kid I watched Johnny Quest. And if those of you ever watched it they know that they had this really cool 3-d world that the main characters would jump into and fight bad guys. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and the 3-d graphics sure did beat out my 2-d NES. Then before you knew it, the N64 came out and changed my world. Man those 3d graphics just blew my mind. Surely virtual reality would be around the corner.

Well not so much. I can't wait for the days when I just put a pair of glasses on and off I go to save the world from monster monkeys.

Virtual Reality not all its cracked up to be

But is there still hope?

Yes, there is hope on this one. But its just a question of when. As you can see by the Xbox's new controller free project being worked on, the industry is going in the direction of Virtual Reality. I wouldn't be shocked if they had the tech in the next 15 years.

5) Anything in Space

Well as NASA has found out and we have all found out over the years. Its really really hard to travel in space. Even the smallest little nick in a spaceship makes them delay the trip for days on end in fear of the ship bursting into flames upon re-entry. I must admit that getting to the Moon really blows ones mind when you really think about it. But in comparison the moon is really really close to the Earth compared to just about anything else in Space. Space travel for us regular joes seems to be far far far far in the future. The biggest thing holding us back is money. It cost a LOT to do anything in space, and the sad truth is that NASA is running out of reasons to tell to the government to trick them into funding them more. I mean maybe one day when China gives us a run for a new space race. But until then, looks like all feet on the ground.

Slapping the national budget in the face

But is there still hope?

Uh....Maybe in 50 years. If NASA cleans up all the space junk.

So what will be in the future?

The truth is the future will be much different then we have thought. Most tech advances are not going to be in Androids or Spaceships, or anti-matter cars.

Most of the future tech will be made in the field of Medicine and computer science. The reason why? Because they have realistic and real life purpose to everyday life. The real advances will be cures for HIV , Cancer and doing so on smaller micro chips on 100 Terabyte hardrives.

For most of the 20th century we thought that the future would be something like the Jetsons. But it turns out that with the invention of the computer things turned out completely different. That's my predictions, that the future tech will be dealing with something we cant' comprehend at our current point in science and time.

Pictured above: Future Tech