Napkins, soda, candy, pastries; all things that you may think you want, but when you see them on display they all of a sudden look less like a treat and more like the gift you gave to the smelly kid your mom made you attend the birthday party of.

Hey, I got you a doughnut-esque object!

Just The Facts

  1. You can't throw a rock without hitting five of the stores.
  2. The cashiers seem a little too keen to get you out as fast as possible.
  3. You may lose hours trying to decide which Icee flavor to choose.

There's more than one near you!

In a Starbucks fashion, 7-11 has grown to be the convenience store to compare all others to.  "Oh, I went to this Kum-and-Go yesterday, and it was way better than 7-11!" There is a store on at least one corner of every block it seems. Whenever I step inside one, there are never more than eight people there. They don't seem to get good buisness but, hey, they seem to be making plenty of money!

So next time you stop by 7-11, take a good look at those pastries. Sometimes I doubt they are even edible.