Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z is a famous Anime just like hello kitty but instead of cats its about Aliens going shirtless and killing each other.

Just The Facts

  1. 5 minutes = 2 hours
  2. Screaming and turning your hair Blonde will make you a God
  3. one oft he greatest threats to the universe is a borderline retarded Pink blob

So whats it all about?

Dragonball Z is as said earlier a very popular anime in Japan The usual formula for a season

1: someone appears and either helps the good guys or blows shit up

2: The heroes try and fight them but get beaten

3: supporting character dies and main hero powers up after screaming for 10 minutes

4: Bad guy powers up

5: They both fight and the hero wins.

The main characters are the saiyans,fighting alien who prove that the more hair you have the stronger you are,Piccolo, A namekian who along with the humans fill's the criterria of characters that are useful at first but then become shunted aside because the saiyans neded more room for their hair.The usual Villian is an alien who wants Glaactic domination,Immortality or just for fun. every season one of the Hero's die but since the Dragonballs can do any wish they are just brought back anyway

Nevermind,we can jsu bring everything back!

In short: A weird show where alien kill eachother to control magical Balls.