Cleveland is the second Largest city in Ohio. They have high poverty and a horrible outlook. There, you have now visited Cleveland.

Despite good intentions, this cannot be considered art.

This is the founder of Cleveland. He was suckered out of good beads and whiskey by some Native Americans.

This is what Cleveland was known for until Lebron James

Just The Facts

  1. Cleveland isn't quite in the middle of nowhere, that would be Canada.
  2. Lebron James is the only reason you've ever heard of
  3. The only time Cleveland is shown on national news is when the "poorest" or "highest death rate" statistics come out
  4. Pretty much the only city in the world that figured out how to make water combustible

What is Cleveland known for?

Cleveland is a rapidly decling city in the former great state of Ohio. Cleveland is known for many things, such as poverty, being the city Lebron James screwed over, scathing unemployment, high crime rates and fantically supporting sports teams who rarely win. Every time Cleveland starts to get going, a recession occurs, or thier main industries are shut down. In short, Cleveland is about average for Rust Belt cities. Not as bad as Detroit, but it is'nt any Columbus either. Here are some things you may recognize that have that wonderful Cleveland flavor.

Beautiful Scenery

Bustling Street Life

An Active Night Life

Enthusiasm over sports teams

Somehow, Cleveland managed to get the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. Probably bribes.

Famous Clevelanders

Drew Carey

Ok, thats about it.