Chris Brown Rhianna Beating

Assuming you have a TV, It’s very likely you’ve formed and opinion on who’s wrong. Chris or Rihanna. If you’re not a man, you probably are pointing a finger at Chris right now. But now I’m going to show why Rihanna should be pointed at too!

Ike Beat Tina...

Just The Facts

  1. Nobody hits a woman for no reason
  2. Who doesn't know that the person next to them is about to beat their ass. Nobody hits somebody without giving a warning, visual, or verbal
  3. Nobody stays in a car with someone that is beating them up for that long

He Knew the Consequences

Who doesn't know the consequences for hitting a woman, not to mention a famous woman? Who hasn't seen one of the million episodes of COPS. Everyone of them starts off the same. The husband comes out of the house to meet the cops, undoubtedly in a wife beater to explain why his wife is running out behind him with a busted lip and black eye. And then they all end the same. The husband is driven away in the back of a squad car head between his legs, with his face blurred out. So I ask. What sense would it make for Chris brown, no matter how much yelling is going on, to reach across and He-Man Bitch slap Rihanna until the point of unrecognizable hideousness for no reason? In Chris' mind... She had it coming!


Look In His Eyes... Does He look Happy!?!?!

So she's been pestering about these text messages he's been receiving for about 4 red lights now. What man can tolerate listening to his lady friend bitch and moan for more than 1 before he thinks about shaking her like a crying baby with colic?  And now he's giving her the death stare, while telling her to get out. Yea. Those are googly eyes right? He's gonna hug her to death with that safety belt. Never mind the fact that he just pushed her towards the door while driving at 50 mph while you're still buckled in your seat belt. This is all going to have a happy ending. I can't see what else she could have been thinking to keep running your damn mouth! But in true mad black woman fashion she kept talking. Then Kaboom! (I like to think a bright red dialogue box popped up like something out of the old Batman Comics) That right hook to her jaw just put an end to all possible thoughts of her night ending well.

Really??? She Didn't Get Out of the Car???

At this point, Rihanna has been beat to a bloody pulp. Chris has even gone as far as to channel his inner Tyson and bite the girl. And Rihanna's response is... wait for it... call the police while sitting right next to him, and remain in the car. Who calls the police while their attacker is beating them senseless? Why are you not running? I've called the police many times (don't ask why), and they never respond quick enough to stop the blood shed. So until they do show, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN! Now I know she's in a car, so she really doesn't have anywhere she can run to at that exact moment. But when have you ever heard of somebody making every red light on the way home. I'm pretty sure, Chris didn't have the child locks on preventing her from getting out. My only thought... Rihanna thought she could handle herself, and came out worse than when Jochen Kinetz thought it was ok to mock Zinedene Zidane.

I'd say all things considered. Rihanna did all but welcome the beating from Chris Brown. She did everything it would take for a man to finally lose his shit, and and lay hands on a woman.