Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

He's seriously cool

More seriously kitsch scenes

Yeah this guy is the bomb.

Just The Facts

  1. Naploeon Dynamite is the precursor to new "quirky indie" flicks such as Juno and other waffle like it
  2. Napoleon Dynamite is a novel concept as it is a film written with no discernible plot or characters that are relatable or remotely likeable
  3. Napoleon Dynamite is the kind of film you hearing pretentious indie kids loudly praising when anyone discusses comedy

The plot?

The biggest flaw that Naploen Dynamite holds, is that it's protaganist is the kind of quirky character that Indiewood just loves to create. This boy is quite possibly mentally deranged and would give even severe sociopaths cause for concern. Just try not to blush when you hear him casully drop tales of fighting wolverines in Alaska over the summer. His severe need to lie to impress people seems more like a character trait of Hannibal Lector's than a socially awkward teenage boy. ( I can't wait for the sequel where Pedro and Napoleon kidnap people and torture them, a la Hostel, at least that will be entertaining and quite possibly more humourous).

One begins watching Napoleon under the impression they are watching a comedy, but that impression is slowly shattered by the boring drivel that painfully reveals itself before your eyes. I know! I thought that comedies had moments of humour too, but obviously I was mistaken. You get up to leave somewhere after he feeds his pet Llama( yes he has a pet Llama how deliciously out of the ordinary!) and when he falls out with his best friend only to be reassured that the 'best part's coming up man'. How wrong your obviously very high friend is, as this so called best part is Napoleon 'dancing' to a Jamiroquai song. WTF!!!!!

In fact everyone in this film seems to be a major loser, even the "cool" kids. If the real Preston's teenage poulation act like the cast of this film they should all be neutered so that they cannot create even lamer kids.