Horse, they are a mysterious creature,an elusive beast but is it also a stupid one? certainly it can jump over things, but is it really trying to fly like the birds? hmm maybe horses are gay...

It is insane

This tree feels violated

horses are evolving dramatically

Just The Facts

  1. Horses have big dicks
  2. Horses eat dogs
  3. Horses do big shits
  4. Horses have intimate relationships with trees
  5. Horses are weird


Horses can sleep standing up, this is probably because they are afraid of the ground, this also explains why they are tall. People nail metal onto the bottom of horses feet, this is so they don't have to touch the ground, which they are afraid of. Horses sometimes look at people, when this happens, they are planning to kill and eat your children. Horses can't laugh, probably they are hungry because they can't have burgers.