Picking Up Women

picking up women is hard cuz some are heavy

These are women yes?

Just The Facts

  1. Women love to be picked up
  2. Women love to Pick Up
  3. Women arent always worth picking up

Just for fun

Now when i say women i am refferring to normal cleo reading women, the one's with careers and a higher testosterone count than your's. These are the women that won't buy into cheesy pick-up lines. They want to know that you want to bone them, yet they want a bit of subtlety. Something along the lines of "nice pants let's f*ck"

If this approach fails hang around and wait, they will try to pick you up. They now know you want them and secretly they are frothing at the gash over what you just said. Time is your freind.

If you fail to get picked up, that woman clearly wasn't worth picking up. Go home and practice your skills.