Gaming, the act of playing video games. This term is for people that play video games, gamers. Gaming has grown alot since the 80's its now a billion dollar industry, awesome, and we should look at the good and bad of it all.

A gaming wet dream...

As true as I think

Just The Facts

  1. Gaming has been a past-time here for the last twenty-five years so.
  2. Gaming is not just for fat nerds anymore, mostly.
  3. As shown in that graph above there is money to be made just playing video games.

The good

Look at all those smiles, only gaming can do that, also porn

Gaming is fun and does have some good aspects despite what all the chronic masturbaters on the internet say. Some things like.....

Socializing: Video games have been around for quite a while, although gaming hasn't been a socially acceptable until recently. Basically since the 80's video gaming has been a bit of main stay in america but mostly known for losers and/or nerds. In 2000 xbox came around and changed gaming, now people didn't just play games alone but they could play with friends or strangers now gaming is done socially. With clans and friends making plans to game together, you cant do that with porn on the internet unless your friends are just that strange or maybe cool?

Makes you a better person: In helping people to socialize with people all across the world gaming also helps make you a better person, which in the end is what we all want right? That is correct desptie what politicians and old people the world over think and want others to think, video games don't cause people to do terrible things, probably.

Relaxation: Yep gaming is a good way to unwind, relax, and even relieve stress. That is correct relieve stress, think about it, how else can you go and bust off some headshots without having to worry about prison time or a terrible mess to clean? Unlike some stress release techniques playing video games can help, because lets be honest unless you're living in Texas you probably don't have a rocket launcher or sniper rifle lying around. Plus its just fun and pleasant to kill aliens, zombies, and nazis, and you can only do that in games, unless of course you have a space traveling time machine.

The Bad

Yeah, way too serious.

With every ying there is a yang so here is the terrible bad things about gaming that all you nay-sayers "know" things such as....

Obsession: How many times have you heard your mom tell you that gaming machine will be the death of you, well maybe she wasn't quite joking. Yes people have died because of the gaming obsession, but come on he was Korean and lets be honest 50 years of civil war might mess a guy up. People do get a bit into the game, but it's fun, fuck it I don't have to explain myself to you.

Cussing: Yeah I went there but damnit there are just somethings that aren't right. When a person logs into their xbox live to play some Madden or Halo the last thing you expect is to be cussed out by a 6 year old kid, that ain't right ever. So what if he beat me 3 games in a row fuck him, shouldnt his parents be hitting him or something? Oh well.

If you just watched that video game he is the reason why people look down on gaming. Once again oh well.