Manga is the genre of comic books created in Japan. Most of them you actually have to read right to left. You can usually find them next the the "graphic novels" in the book store with those creepy kids reading them.

Example of Shojo manga, its actually about people transforming into animals of the zodiac....not kidding.

Example of Shoujen, this launched millions of Japanese clubs and crappy headbands.

This is about step brothers, who end up having sex with each other, thats the whole plot.

Just The Facts

  1. Shojo is manga directed toward girls that are known for their love stories and how the character feels.
  2. Shoujen is manga directed toward boys that are known for their strange fight scenes and crappy dialog translations.
  3. Yaoi, get this, is about gay males and gay romances. This genre was supposedly created for housewives in Japan. Sometimes include gratuitous sex scenes between characters.
  4. Hentai manga is basically porn, its includes a lot of sexually depraved deeds so dark it would make you squeamish. This is driven toward the audience of sad virgins who dream of actually having sex but sadly cannot even talk to a women.
  5. People who are obsessed with manga are called Otakus. These are usually sad, lonely nerds who dress up for cosplay for the anime conventions on the weekend. Can also refer to people obsessed by anime.
  6. Manga is also featured in monthly magazines such as Shoujen Jump and Shojo Beat.

The genre that started conventions and cosplay.

 Manga in Japan is geared toward a larger audience than comic books in the United States. It is geared toward many different people to young kids, teens, to older adults. Thats why there are so many different genres of manga. They are usually rated from all ages to adults only. So you can find young kids to your uncle creepy in this aisle of the book stores. Most of the people hanging out in the manga section are sad, lonely teens who have no lives outside reading manga and watching anime. The are usually wear hot topic clothing or wearing an anime t-shirt and/or discussing that awesome chapter of Naruto where he battles that one guy.  In many high schools throughout the United States you can find Japanese clubs that surround their whole lives around manga and anime. They usually travel in pacts and you can spot these pacts because they usually wear Naruto head bands and usually have their faces buried in the books.

I'm not saying that Manga is totally uncool I'm just saying that fandom gets pretty creepy at times.

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