Grand Theft Auto IV

G.T.A. has replaced electroshock therapy as the most popular pastime for murderous, sociopathic children.

Just The Facts

  1. G.T.A. IV features almost every way to express latent genocidal desires, except scalping.
  2. G.T.A. IV can be used to recreate brutally offensive scenarios, like the Great Chicago Hooker Riot.
  3. There's also like, a plot, or something.

20 Horrifically Rotten Things to Do in Liberty City

1. Kill Kate's brother. Attend the burial, then steal the hearse. The next day, make a date with Kate. Pick
her up in the hearse that carried her dead brother.

2. Pick up a hooker. Crash the car so it is upside-down. While the paramedics are coming, bang the hooker.

3. Steal a helicopter. Fly into the Alderney State Correctional Facility. First, kill all prison guards.
Then, kill every black prisoner, except one. Leave the white prisoners alone. Fly the helicopter away,
screaming, "Hope you like butt-rape, Othello!"

4. Engage a pedestrian in a fist-fight. Lead them back to your apartment. Once inside, stab them. Repeat
this process until there are dozens of corpses in your apartment. Then sit on your couch and watch T.V.

5. Pick up your date. Put her on a motorcycle. Drive into a strip club. While your date screams, ride on-
stage and try to jump to the next stage.

6. When Dimitri comes with you on a mission, push that traitor off a bridge. Wait a few minutes, he'll climb
back up next to you. Push him off the bridge, again.

7. Arrange 30 police cars together, then detonate all of them:

More on this with's 5 Things the Gaming Industry Will Never Fix (And Why).

8. Steal a taxicab with a passenger in it. Before the passenger can exit, drive the cab off a cliff(bail
out beforehand).

9. Get in a helicopter during a huge police chase. Using cheat codes, spawn a boat, then dip the helicopter blades to fling the boat at oncoming police. Repeat until all the police have been crushed by magic boats.

10. Throw someone in front of a train so they repeatedly get crushed betweeen the side of the train and the side of the tracks.

11. Using a car, suicide bomb a restaurant:

12. Pick a fight with a woman. When bystanders jump in to fight you, walk away so the cops arrest them.

13. The Donnie Darko- Find someone wearing a skeleton shirt and run him over with a red sports car

14. Crash a car through the front door of a hospital so no one can get in or out. Pull out your pistol, then methodically shoot each person in the hospital in the back of the head.

15. Run into a crowded intersection and start fistfights with as many people as possible. Once you have 5-10 people wanting to hit you, jump on top of a car. The angry mob won't be able to reach you, and will begin brawling with each other until the cops come

16. Park a fire truck outside a strip club. Run inside the club and fire your guns, the strippers will run outside in terror. Go outside, hop in the fire engine, and hose down the strippers.

17. Crash a vehicle into the subway stairs, so no one can get in our out. With your baseball bat, kill the dozens of people in the subway. For a while, subway cars will arrive and unload dozens of fresh victims.

18. Steal an ambulance, drive into the hospital and run over wounded people waiting for a doctor.

19. Block the strip club door with a vehicle. Kill all the guys. You will be surrounded by naked screaming women. First, shoot their legs so they are still alive but are limping or can't walk. Step back and admire two dozen paraplegic naked women screaming in terror. Take a screenshot. Leave the club and surrender to waiting police, you've achieved all a man can.

20. Pick up a fat stripper. Drive her deep into the subway. Bang her, then kick her out of the car miles from the entrance.

BONUS #21. This is a picture from the G.T.A. IV instruction manual:

piswasser squat

If you can figure out how to make an in-game character do this, you officially steal the "most debauched gamer" title from us.

Post your own twisted & sick GTA stunts in the comments section.