Comedy is the art of making people laugh at their miserable existance. Sometimes it can make people think too.)

Apparently, this is funny.

So is this.

This is not.

Just The Facts

  1. Comedy is a universal attribute found in all cultures.
  2. Comedy is designed to make you laugh, cry and shriek. It rarely works as planned.
  3. Carlos Mencia does not do comedy

What is comedy and how does it work?

Comedy, like man-love and hairy women, is originally from the Greeks. The original meaning of the word was a village revel, during which the villagers would outfit themselves with huge erect penises that need a string to control. These plays were called satyrs and were pretty much nonstop sex jokes. A chorus in the background chanted parts in unison to explain the sex jokes to the thick, who then commented on them on 1chan.

The adjective "comic" tried out different shades of meaning, as different cultures developed their own dick jokes, until today it is generally confined to the sense of "laughter-provoking", unless you are a Batman fan.

The psychopathy of comedy is not yet well established. Although it is widely assumed that sense of humor is closely related to intelligence and creativity, empirical studies yield conflicting findings. For an example, we would like to present to you the New Yorker Magazine. Written for the intelligent, it also contains comics.

This was the funniest we could find.

Known Types of Comedy

Each section is linked to an example. Links open in a new window - all are rated SFW, unless otherwise noted.

The Prattfall

The prattfall has been a mainstay of humour for as long as humour has existed. Based on the dichotomy between sympathy for the fallen, and gratitude that the pratt that did the falling was not you.

Yep. It's funny. Especially when it's a guy in a suit

The Joke

The academics have this to say about jokes.

"Building on Raskin's linguistic-semantic theory of verbal humor, T. C. Veatch has perhaps formulated the most precise and encompassing joke theory. Veatch utilizes the established idea that humor contains two incongruous elements; however in Veatch's formulation, one element is socially normal while the other constitutes a violation of the "subjective moral order." Veatch defines this moral order as the "rich cognitive and emotional system of opinions about the proper order of the social and natural world"

Yes, someone got paid tax money to write that shit. You now know where the joke is - on you.

The Pun

Considered the lowest form of humour, the pun is a play on words, either using homonyms or substitution to provide humour to a sentence. An example of a pun would be:

"You can tune a guitar, but you can't tuna fish. Unless of course, you play bass."

Hey, we said nothing about a good pun! Moving on ....

Irony and Sarcasm

See the linked topic. Unless your fingers are too fat to click the mouse.

The Spoof

Although technically considered a branch of comedy, spoofs are very rarely considered humorous by the cogniscenti in the field.

Observational Comedy

Observational comedy is a style of humor based on making remarks about commonplace aspects of everyday life. The premise of "It's funny because it's true" only applies to observers of a similar cultural background, so observational comedy is culture specific.

Seinfeld would be an example of this. A very bad example. Hey, Jerry! You are only funny to people who are constipated comedians in New York! Mention airline food one more goddamn time and we will take the first fucking plane to whatever shithole you live in and show you the deal. With our cocks.

This also finally gives the world an explanation for Mencia. No one else lives on the same planet he does.

Situational Comedy

Situational comedy is primarily visual in nature. A mainstay of television schedules, it depends on the dichotomy between expectation and acuality for its impact, and usually expects the viewers to be intellectually on a par with plankton.

Proven? Hell yes. Sit-com viewers are officially dumber than Paris Hilton.


There is insufficient scope in this article to discuss the effects of stupidity on humour. Click the link. Not Safe for Work. But one example, for the record:

Inadvertent Synergy

Inadvertent synergy in comedy may be found in any or all of the classic branches of the art. A blending of a starter topic and a group of people trying to out-do each other, this is the one branch of comedy which cannot be planned for, manipulated effectively, or controlled. Incredibly rare in appearance, as it depends on exactly the right seeding circumstance and the presence of a large population. It is, however, the crowning glory of the commedic world.