Hugh Laurie

Do NOT ever type-cast Hugh Laurie. Star of the award winning 'House MD', Hugh Laurie started his career as a camp sketch show comedian and British sitcom staple.

Just The Facts

  1. Hugh Laurie started his acting career in England, because that is where he is from
  2. He was very famous for being tall and lanky and very funny
  3. One day he tried his American accent out and he became all serious
  4. This is the exact opposite of what happens to American actors or, for that matter anyone else

Cracked on Hugh Laurie

For those of you familiar only with Hugh Laurie because of House, prepare to be shocked. Hugh Laurie, not only isn't American (revealed for the first time here), he isn't even a doctor or dare we say, chronically depressed.

For example, here he is, looking happy as Laurie (haha) in an episode of Blackadder, a British sitcom based around titular character played by Rowen Atkinson (Mr Bean to you).

fake boobs

(L-R) Blackadder's fake boob wearing drinking buddy, the Prince Regent, Lt. George

Probably not needless to say at all, Hugh Laurie remains one of the best things about this excellent sitcom (first series aside) and is what many, if not most people in Britain remember him for.

He also appeared in a long running series named Jeeves & Wooster, a dramatization of PG Woodhouse's novels of the same name that is all about upper class English twits in the inter-war period. It is doubtful that anyone in America will find it the slightest bit funny, but here's a clip anyway.

If you don't have a job and non of the other channels availble in the world, you can still watch it on TV.

Then in 2004, he became House MD. And everyone was blown away by his perfectly portrayed character, his sexy American accent and the utterly ludicrous plots. Now he's one of Britain's most famous exports and is voicing in the sequel to Monsters vs Aliens which looks rubbish.