The Sims

One day some video game designers were sitting in a room trying to think of something new and original for once. They thought up an idea for one thing gamers won't know about at all.... Real life

Just The Facts

  1. There are three models of The Sims. They are creatively named The SIms, The Sims 2, and The Sims 3. They get progressively more realistic as each one was made using more advanced technology.
  2. Each model has a number of expansion packs to satisfy the players need for more virtual stuff. Greedy bastards. Such expansion packs include Night Life, Pets, House Party, and more. All that's missing is the Limited Edition Prostitution RIng Pack. Deluxe.
  3. Oh but it doesn't stop there. Other additions, such as the Sims Life Stories allow users to create entire movies and television shows starring their characters. They can then share these works of art with their fellow socially disadvantaged peers.

The Sims (Original)

'The Sims' was first released by Maxis on February 4th 2000, and by March 22nd had sold more than 6.3 million copies, making it the best-selling video game in history. It offered the ability to create Sims and customise them according to your tastes, and then live their lives as you chose. It also offered the ability to download custom content giving extra clothing, furniture, and the ability to make them engage in graphic sexual acts.

Some people saw this image and thought "Aw, cute, little people!", others thought "How do I make them have sex?"

Some people saw this image and thought 'Aw, cute, little people!', others thought 'How do I make them have sex?'

Gameplay allowed players to choose careers and romantic partners, take care of their needs while interacting with thousands of objects, and even have children, who remained children for all eternity - or at least until the player grew bored and neglected them in order to have them taken by a social worker, proving The Sims encourages excellent qualities in young people.

Seven expansion packs were released for 'The Sims':

The Sims: Livin' Large - while adding little extra gameplay, this expansion pack did provide a whole host of new career options, as well as clothing, looks and items.

The Sims: House Party - after naming their simulation game 'The Sims', developers left little doubt that they had exhausted their creativity by the time they got to actually naming the games - 'The Sims House Party' allowed sims to throw a house party, complete with party clothes and items.

The Sims: Hot Date - after their two year long imprisonment, Sims were finally allowed to leave their homes in 'Hot Date', and enter the new downtown area - with their 'date'.

The Sims: Vacation - with this expansion pack, the Sims were allowed to escape the awful interior design of their creators and visit the vacation area, with sleeping areas from hotels to tents, and souveneirs to remember the time away from their oppressive little homes.

The Sims: Unleashed - in this pack, players were given animals to neglect, as well as gardens to forget to tend, with dogs and cats as the main focus. The neighbourhoods also expanded to forty lots from ten lots, with the added ability to create new 'commercial' zones.

The Sims 2

The Sims picks back up adding a whole new layer of cruelty potential and allows you to torture the both physically and emotionally with the addition of aspirations which when failed make then go insane which is almost as satisfying as killing them..... with a swarm of flies.

HOLY SHIT!!! thats awsome!

Aside from torturing your Sims (Wait there's more you can do besides that?) the Sims 2 offers a whole new layer of depth to the game allowing you to control every aspect of what your little virtual people can do from what video games they play to who they woohoo and where.

That is if you can survive the load times.....

This is live feed of a load time in my game....any time now

The Sims 2 Expansion Packs

Expiations University

Due to the well known fact that EA is a bunch of greedy assholes in order to get every last drop milk out of the game they created a whole slew of expansion packs to the game now this wouldn't be so bad if they didn't make "Stuff" Packs to the game which they could have added to the FRIGGIN EXPANSION PACKS!


Sims 2 University: This Pack allows your Sims to go to collage so they can grow up and have careers where they can do things like make a cow plant....

Sims 2 Nightlife: Basically Hot Date but with the addition of cars for the first time ... it still takes three years to go anywhere though

Sims 2 Open For Business :In this you get to buy businesses and make stuff this would be awesome if it was fucking useful

Sims 2 Pets: You get pets which mean you don't have to just abuse people you can abuse animals too!

Sims 2 Seasons- In this you get things like rain, snow, hail, est. and there's nothing more fun than watching your sim get pelted by hail to death! Or more commonly die of heat stroke or freeze to death other wise known as human ice syndrome.

Sims 2 Bon Voyage: You can send Sims to exotic places such as a mountain a tropical island or Japan but you don't get to do anything exciting there like for example SKIING IN THE FRIGGIN MOUNTAIN RESORT! Also you stay in a hotel or in other words game crash Ville.

Sims 2 FreeTime:In this your Sims get to do exciting hobbies like knitting or sports.... it's pretty much a stuff pack with a few new lots and a bunch of useless skills.

Sims 2 Apartment life- In this your Sims can get apartments then turn into witches.... not sure how those two are related.

All and all you could probably buy an x-box 360 and a ps3 for the starting price of all the Sims 2 stuff

No I'm talking about the stuff packs there even more of a rip-off

Sims 3

EA continues it's cash cow plant, franchise with the sims 3... It can be explained with one image....

Sims 3 Expansions

The Sims 3: World Adventures- This first expansion is basically bon voyage with adventures also you can have a Karate Fighting-ghost-mummy- Baby- with a vineyard...

The Sims 3 Ambitions: Sims can now have Ambitions, forever secure their dominance over thier supposed masters.

Also Ghost busters.

Sims 3 Late Night: You remember back to Nightlife yeah this is that.