From ninjas, to elite military forces, to common criminals,those guys each have some crazy method to blend in with their surroundings. Some work really well, others will get you killed faster than Hitler in Tel Aviv.

Mommy! , a Bigfoot!    Where!?   Over there!!    Where?

He disapeared

Just The Facts

  1. Stealth is some serious cool shit!
  2. Stealth is used by many people
  3. Stealth , usualy in most cases , doesn't work!


One of the most common types of stealth equipment is camouflage. It varies in form and size, and mindfuck potential.

Ghillie suits, designed to break the unnatural lines of the human body, turn our distinctive bipedal form into an unrecognizable pile of shit. It works right up until the enemy notices the GUN BARREL poking out of it. Then it's not just a game of sitting on your arse doing nothing. Ghillie suits are used in the military mainly by snipers to try and break up silhouette , and all the foilage and shit is just to make you look like the biggest douchebag ever.if you can find this guy , you have my respect.

Many animals use camouflage , somtimes to attract a mate or protect and hide themself's from predators. Both of which don't normaly work anyway.....poor little bastard's getting killed without getting laid. But getting to the point if these little guys do manage to live , then by god , the camouflage HAS WORKED. CONGRATULATIONS , now try and find food.Great , another one to squash.

This is where the proper mindfuck potential part comes in , yup , that's right. Ninja's. What ever these guys are doing , may it be kicking butt on a roof , flying between trees , running up walls , watching porn. These guys are just so camouflaged , you won't catch one doing any of these things. Infact , these guys are so camouflged you won't see them at all. So be carefull around ninja's , they might be planning the next operation mindfuck.

find the ninja

Real life

Now , lets look at some stealth for the normal person , yeah , your average joe. I'd say that the only time we're gonna use stealth , is when we're sneaking off to some party in the middle of the night , about to run away from home , And while looking for Christmas presents.


Happy sneaking!!