Marriage Equality Symbol

The Marriage Equality Symbol by the Human Rights Campaign has now been everywhere else. You can now read about it here as well.

The original symbol had a blue background with a yellow equals sign.

For the Supreme Court Hearings the symbol was updated into pink and red for Valentine's or love colors.

Of course, through the magic of photoshop or something else, then the image can be quickly updated to have unicorns and who doesn't want unicorns.

Just The Facts

  1. The Human Rights Campaign updated its equality symbol to show support for homosexuals getting married with two court cases being heard.
  2. The first court case involved California's Proposition 8 specifically barring homosexuals getting married in the state of California.
  3. The second court case specifically involves the Defense of Marriage Act passed in 1996 to deny gay couples federal benefits and military benefits as married couples.

The Marriage Equality Symbol

After the Human Rights Campaign allowed usage, updated the symbol, and encouraged Facebook and other social media users to change their profile pictures to the Marriage Equality Symbol, maps became available to show areas of the country in which the symbol had been more heavily changed. You will note that in the area of the country once known as the Confederate States of America, the symbol seems to wane in popularity. Apparently, the old south more opts for pictures of children, rescue animals, and Sunday dinner. At any rate, the Symbol did become a viral phenomenon within a matter of hours.

News media started reporting on it, because anything that happens in social media must be a news worthy event. That is the reason why any time someone of note dies, the Twitter accounts of other notable people have to be scoured for 140 characters or less of compassion. Of course, such an easily manipulatable symbol was easier to change around than a Tiger Woods commercial full of contrition. As was so expertly pointed out in Mel Brook's History of the World Part One. "There came the inevitable after birth of the critic."

And boy did they take to their computers and manipulate. You can show your support for gay marriage and guns rights at the same time. This presumably is meant to make you the most fashionable member of the local chapter of the National Rifle Association.

There is also an option for Marriage Equality Rights and Bacon. This apparently means that you are all for anyone being allowed to love anyone else but you will snap a pig;s neck in a hot second to get a tasty meal.

There is also options where the Equality symbol seems to be supported by web celebrities.

There is even some urging that people make up their minds before the Supreme Court does. Because, you know that elderly people appointed for life take most of their cues on what to do with major policy decisions from social media.

That type of thing is you know important to them. This leaves some to wonder where vampires might stand on the issue.

Apparently, they are for gay marriage, but there might be a reason for that.

Can't figure it out. Now, the only question left is that awkward moment when you actually want to show your own picture on Facebook again rather than the Marriage Equality Symbol. Ummm.... yeah...much more attractive.