Frodophobia is the irrational fear of Hobbits as well as the fear that you might one day have to take on Hobbit-type tasks such as gardening, walking around barefoot or dropping magic rings in lava. &&

Such images can make sufferers of Frodophobia very uneasy.

Note the wild eyes which tend to incite such terror.

As a matter of fact, any Hobbit wielding such a weapon can be quite intimidating.

Just The Facts

  1. Frodophobia, like many phobias, is completely made up for the purposes of this topic page.
  2. The fact that it was made up just now this minute and has no real precursor from anything does not mean that people will not start 'suffering' from it.
  3. Frodo Baggins is known to have in his possession the One True Ring, a nearly impregnable shirt, as well as a Elfish sword called Sting. Please approach Frodo Baggins with extreme caution.

Rampant Frodo Hysteria

The first known case of Frodophobia was towards the end of the third age. Sauron searched for the One True Ring endlessly which Frodo Baggins threw in to the fires of Mount Doom. This severed Sauron's connection with the physical world. Now children, what do you think THAT felt like?

The trouble is that now every one who hides part of their soul in an object or has a mystical bond with something of power fears some small practically meaningless being might destroy them completely. You never know where such a being might come from.

Yes, there are brown haired little halflings to this day who have nothing better to do with their time than to search for all of the carefully hidden pieces of your soul and just rip them up. It really does happen more than you think.

Before you know it, there is a seventh of your soul right down the drain quicker than the Devil can do fractions. Do these brown haired people care how carefully your plans of world domination have been crafted or how carefully you may have hidden your one weakness from them? Not bloody likely, we say.

And how do they come upon these all important items? They steal them...every single time.

Sad paranoid sufferers of Frodophobia have gotten to the point where they fear their evil plan will be destroyed by any sandy haired halfling. Unfortunately, this is an image that our media and popular culture perpetuates.

Generally, all those that truly suffer from Frodophobia want is to plunge the world into eternal darkness for an age. At the very least, it would save on sun tan lotion. But no, these plans are constantly destroyed by the Frodo's of the world.