Facebook Censorship

Right wing groups are claiming that their ability to assemble and re-post links is being wrongly defined as 'hate' by Facebook's terms and conditions policy.

Tea Party Members claim that their posts are frequently censored.

People on Facebook are claiming that they receive notifications for violations of policy for re-posting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Right wing groups believe that they are being denied a Constitutional right to assemble on social media.

Just The Facts

  1. A recent Whitehouse Petition was removed from the site that was demanding an answer about why Facebook targets right wing groups.
  2. Facebook's terms and conditions explicitly states that it will remove 'hateful speech.' Tea Party and right wing groups that any speech removed is not hateful but an expression of their views.
  3. Facebook has not released a formal response to any of the allegations.

Hate of Freedom of Expression?

Facebook will use a variety of tools in order to try and root out hateful speech or allowing a hate group to form on its website. However, Tea Party and right wing groups believe that they are being wrongly classified as well as harassed for attempting to form groups as well as share links. The claim is also made that they are automatically made to verify before posting links. Additionally, they claim that they receive warnings threatening the status of their accounts as well. As Facebook is a tool for not only social networking but also gress roots orginizations, many people with right of center beliefs are starting to believe taht Facebook has algorithms in placxe specifically to harass.

With the recent focus on gun control as well as discussions over the policies of Barack Obama, these are not light concerns to the people who adhere to this set of beliefs. For instance, a mention of a 'black president' could be either a racial statement, a historical mention of praise, or it could simply be a statement of fact.

With the removal of the petition on the whihtehouse.gov site to get signatures to address these concerns, right wing conspiracy theorists now have ammunition (as it were) to launch their beliefs into overdrive. After all, if the White House is not only refusing to address the matter but also removing the matter completely, where is the collusion between the White House and Facebook censors? To them, it all appears to be a conspiracy as well as a cover-up on the highest levels. That is the type of thing that can be easily repeated and spread at an anti-government rally.

It is not actually all that hard to imagine it becoming a rallying cry to some people. The charge just has to be repeated in the right place. It has already been denied by the right people (in the minds of conspiracy theorists.)

After all, paranoia among conspiracy theorist is nothing new. in the conspiracy community, attempts to throttle the speech only leads credence in their minds to the idea that they are right. Anything can be incorporated to being 'part of the conspiracy.' After that, how long is it before the black helicopters and men in snappy suits start paying a visit to your door to find out what you 'know?'