Rand Paul

To many, Rand Paul is a modern day John F. Kennedy. He is an emerging Senator with an insane father who might well be their party's savior.

What ordinary American see when they look at Rand Paul.

What Libertarians and hard core conservatives see when they look at Rand Paul.

What liberals see when they look at Rand Paul.

Just The Facts

  1. Rand Paul launched a legendary 'talking filibuster' to question the President on drone strikes within the United States.
  2. A filibuster such as that has not really been seen since Strom Thurmond spent nearly a day trying to stop the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s.
  3. Already, the 'Stand with Rand' groundswell is starting to question why Rand Paul isn't already the Republican Candidate for President in 2016.

The Search For The Next Reagah

Lets address what this hype is really all about. Conservatives look for the next Ronald Reagan like Jews look for the coming of a military Messiah. Like the Jews non acceptance of Jesus Christ for the role, Conservatives were generally appreciative of what George W. Bush did, they just aren't really enthused.

So the search continues with a lot of different pretenders to the throne. They want that straight talking person who believes as they do. They want someone who can electrufy the base. Most of all, they want the country to do an about face from the direction of the last (what will be eight years.) They need someone who not only believes but is also electable. But most of all, they want fervently to reverse this guy.

Secretly,. just once they would also like someone who actually looked some what like this guy.

That is why the great white hope as it were is firmly falling on Rand Paul. Paul, like Kennedy, is the son of a career politician who had some people questioning his very sanity as well as his sympathy towards real and perceived enemies. Unfortunately, there are a lot more similiarities between Joseph Kennedy and Ron Paul than most of the conservative base are comfortable admitting.

What the Republicans desperately need and want is the beliefs without the baggage. Essntially, they want someone that will deliver the promise of Rick Perry without actually being Rick Perry.

The eternal search through the scuttled landscape of husks of pretenders to the throne now goes through the palace of Rand Paul. It would be absolutely awesome if Paul managed to not be tied into some Brazillian mistress the same way that Mark Sanford was.

Of if he could not manage to make some of the same statements up to and including comparing himself to John F. Kennedy the same way that Dan Quayle did. Yeah, that would be really super cool.

Rand Paul's filibuster against drone strikes on Amwrican soil not only brought him into the spotlight by asking a Nobel Peace Prize Winner whether he would actually kill Americans on American soil with drones possessing no souls brought Paul out of the shadows of what is traditionally considered to be Rand Paul fandom.

This is politically equal to having hot girls show up to your comic book convention. You are pretty sure that they don't actually believe what you believe but on some level you appreciate their support.

In order for their to be any chance, there has to be not only belief but also broad based appeal. That is of the utmost importance if the Republicans are going to have any shot in 2016. This is especially true if the fundamental debate comes down to the legacy of Reagan versus the legacy of Clinton.

For the moment,. for many, that hope is currently on the shoulders of Rand Paul.

You might want to beware though. Heavy can be the head that wears the crown.