Size DOES Matter

Dr. Ruth Westheimer born Karole Ruth Siegel was born in Germany on June 4, 1928. She was sent to an orphanage in Switzerland by her mother and grandmother in 1939 after her father Julius Siegel was taken by the Nazis.

Just checking that the whole thing?

Just The Facts

  1. For 75% of men, ejaculation occurs within 3 minutes of penetration.
  2. Half of single women have sex by the third date.
  3. Women over 40 years of age are more likely to masturbate than any other group.
  4. The clitoris contains twice as many nerve fibres as the penis �¢ï¿½ï¿½ a toe-curling 8,000.
  5. Sneezes, along with orgasms, are the only physiological responses that cannot be voluntarily stopped once they have started.

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In 1945 after not hearing from her parents for almost 5 years she learned they were victims of the Holocaust and had not survived. It is believed that they may have been at one of the most widely known concentration camps. Auschwitz.

She immigrated to Palestine and there at the age of 17 she lost her virginity.

On a "starry night".

"On a haystack"

...umm I'm sure bells rang and birds sang.. Do birds sing at night? I'm not sure if birds sing on starry nights..So I'm going to say bats sang.. Do bats sing?... Ahhh never mind its a cliché ok, it was magical.

Sooo in 2013 she is still clouted as one of the leading authorites on sexual pleasure. Take a second and think about that. Here's a little help to assist you in visualizing.
Yeah we are still looking to a prehistoric troll doll that is NOT aging well to tell us what we need to enjoy sex. Maybe back in her day when you had to ride a dinosaur to work she was considered edgy, ground breaking. A pioneer in speaking openly about the awakening knowledge of the female orgasm. Now if you want to take her advice great go for it. But wouldn't you rather take advice from someone that has had sex this century?
We are living in a sexually open society yet. By open I mean we have sex coming at us from every way imaginable. TV commercials, Movies, books, pictures and the all-powerful internet porn. (Yes dick head we watch porn to). haha I said dick head. Get it? Cause we're talking about dick size. Never mind.
Anyway all of those things have told us bigger is better. Think of it like this when we learned our colors in school blue was blue and red was red. The only reason we know this is basically because someone told us and we believed them. The thing that makes that analogy right is because dick size and colors are both visible clues to what our brains interprete when we come in contact with them.
We now know what great sex looks like, and it's not tiny Tim. Its Daddy long stroke. Sorry guys..wait no no I'm not sorry. Women are mostly judged on looks. You are judged by dick size. Get over it.
Back to Dr Ruth "starry skies"? WTF really? That is clearly the thoughts of an illusioned virgin. Her advice should have been over looked as soon as she let that come out of her mouth, because obviously homegirl was dreaming.
Ladies think back to your first time. You know what I'm talking about. When you told your mom you were spending the night at Claudia's house totally forgetting to tell her that, Claudia's mom worked nights and your boyfriend Mike the high school varsity football player (Shamar Morr'ish, only not) happens to be staying at a friend's house down the street? No? Whatever, denial is not just a river in Egy-in Ciar- where ever the hell it is you know what I'm saying. Remember how you were soo scared and nervous he was your soul mate you were going to be together forever? You would love him forever no matter what!!!!
Anyway after a few cups of stolen suicide juice you went into the bedroom. You were so excited then a tragedy began to unflold. He was all thumbs and rushing so fast that you don't even remember if you'd taken your panties completely off. Then you felt searing white hot pain where pain had never been before. Then it was over. Yes over. All two minutes of it. Your brain was confused, thinking "That was sex? What everyone was talking about? WTF I've been jipped! That's bullshit!! OMG Fuck that I am never doing that again. EVER." Then you pull up your jeans and look up at him. He looks like he has just scored the winning goal while discovering a cure for cancer. He was patting himself on the back so hard it probably still has his hand print permenantly etched in it. But even though you were sure he'd done something wrong you then commit one of woman's most common mistakes. Pretended it was the most wonderful thing on the planet!! He was a sex god!! The sun rose, and set on his penis dammit!! You don't even realize the egregious mistake you have committed. He has just concurred America and you're just sore, pissed off, and "in love". Him and his friend are high fiving all over the place. Claudia wants the dets. Again you tell the lie and tell her where the sun set. At the end of the night when he leaves, he gives you a kiss goodbye, and as he closes the door says I can't wait to do it again.
.............again? Dear god NO!!
You go home the next day convinced as soon as your mother sees you she's gonna know what you did. But oddly enough she doesn't. You stare at yourself in the mirror. You think you might see something different, maybe the visual proof of losing your virginity will show up later because obviously he didn't do it right.
You've dodged him for days, and Mike wants to know why you've been avoiding being alone with him for 2weeks. You say the first thing that comes to mind "well, duh I've been grounded and stuff." You still love him sooo much. Could you continue a relationship without having to touch his penis? Ever? No worries about considering an answer for that because he helpfully answers for you. "Isn't this your parents anniversary weekend? Aren't you going to be alone all weekend?" FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK can't lie about it he already knows. You had already told him he could stay with you when they left. Grudgingly you say yeah babe. In your mind you add could you please leave your dick at home we won't be needing it thank you. Cause you can't say it out loud you already told him the "sun" remember? OMG this is your boyfriend, your love, you will never love another man. Ever. Besides you've done some research and it should be better next time. Right?
Nope. Fuck research. You've tried different positions all weekend long. It wasn't painful anymore but, it was far from mind blowing. Like a toilet is far from being a pool. At least you think you figured out why it didn't make you scream (I mean like a real scream not the Meg Ryan in a diner type scream). You had seen porn before giggled and watched with friends and some close cousins. There was a major difference. SIZE. It was hard right? Yes. But where was the rest of it? Hey ever seen a that little pencil they give you to fill out the lotto slip? Yeap bout half that size. Just add a SMALL mushroom cap.
After six more months of doing a farce of what he called sex you get tired of it and break up. There just isn't a reason to keep doing it. You still love him but it's just not worth him sweating all over you messing up your hair. You began to feel like an idiot with every fake ohhh yeah, right there, please stop, I mean don't stop.
So you don't do it again for a year because seriously you could casually date and never have to suffer through that humiliating version of sex.
Then.You.Meet.Him. Cocky as hell, smart, sweet, strong, and sexy. YES SEXY. After dating a little the subject pops up. Really Really POPS UP. In your head dear god please let that be him not just his jeans bunching up. Now why would you automatically want it to be big? Because porn told you it should be big. Thats what great sex looks like. Your body automaticly reacts why else would you want to straddle him like a pony and make him scream my name, I mean your name?...maybe that last part was me... nevertheless you understand.
Our brain is programmed to attach words to things so that we understand them when we come in contact with them. Bigger is better. No matter how much you love your boyfriend if he comes up short. He just comes up short.
The night comes again your nervous and scared and excited. It begins his hands know what they want to do his mouth captivates yours then O.M.G. It is ALLLLL just him. And what a him, he is!! uhh what was that? What a him he is? Dammit you understand! You can't form complete sentences, Toes begin to curl. Names are being screamed who's? You don't know, cause you don't care. This is what everyone is talking about!! You start thinking why weren't you doing this to begin with! 17 years you've wasted orgasmless!!
People will tell you it's not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean. And yeah motion does matter. But I'd rather have a cruise ship then a dingy. Even if the motion isn't right the cruise ship gives you something to work with. With a dingy it's not even worth the effort to try. Mentally you were already half way to orgasm because your brain had recieved visually what it associated with great sex. A large penis.
According to the average flaccid penis length is 3.8" erect it can lengthen anywhere from 1 to 3".
6' is definitely something to work with. Anything bigger then that is just gravy..we like gravy
But if you're embarrassed to pee next to a toddler there is no reason for a second date. Shit there wasn't a reason for the first one.
P.S. Stop lying about the size we're gonna see it eventually if the relationship works out. There are some women out there that like tinny wienies (I guess) not me but I'm sure there's one out there.
P.P.S. If anybody sees that chick who started all that size doesn't matter stuff slap that bitch for me. She ruined some men who could have been really good friends not imagined Romeos.
My next article will be to break down oral sex, and it blows every other kind of sex out of the water. (trust me that is a total sexual rule breaker)