David Tennant

David Tennant is known to some as the sassmaster, but to more as the tenth Doctor.

This is literally the tenth Doctor's entire wardrobe

Just The Facts

  1. David Tennant is incredibly sassy.
  2. He played a very sassy tenth Doctor in Doctor Who.
  3. He's actually Scottish, not English as many people think.
  4. He is made up of 40% fangirl fuel and 60% sass.

The Tenth Doctor

David Tennant became an actor mostly because of how much he liked Doctor Who. He was the biggest nerd ever. He adored the show. He made it his life goal to play the Doctor. His one ambition. His one true purpose. The only thing he ever wanted to do in his life ever and he wouldn't settle for anything less under any circumstances not even if someone offered him a million dollars because he was just that serious about it.

When he finally got the role of the tenth Doctor in 2005, he quickly got bored and left.

In the 5 years he was there, he imbued the role with an infitessimal amount of sass. Coincidentally, 'infinitessimal' is the exact number of fangirls he gathered during his run.

His character, the Doctor, has literally two outfits, and both of them are suits. He has one coat. You'd think that someone who travels across space and time would amass a bigger wardrobe, but you would be wrong. He also wears reading glasses, 'brainy specs', but he doesn't need them. He just wears them to look clever.

So, basically, we can conclude that the tenth Doctor is a shameless hipster.

Girl, I was being a hipster before your race even began.

He also abducted lots of women to take with him through time and space. Oh, wait, no. Sorry. They came of their own accord. My bad.

He had a 'thing' with Rose for awhile, which is kind of awkward since the ninth Doctor was the one who picked her up in the first place. If nine were there to see them flirting, he probably would have challenged ten to some sort of sass-showdown. He would probably have won, too.

Then Rose got 'accidentally' thrown into another universe and locked there. The Doctor mourned for a good 3 minutes and then went and picked up Martha.

He kissed Martha after knowing her for about 10 minutes, probably because he was on the rebound. After that, though, he decided to friendzone Martha, even though she was totally getting ladyboners over him. In the end, this led to Martha getting too sexually frustrated and leaving.

Then Donna, who had been trying (and failing) to stalk him for months, turned up again. His whole brain just went 'what the hell' so she came along. They were totally not a couple though, God forbid. That would be so weird.

Then there was Jack who went and got himself his own goddamn spin-off show.

What a stupid bitch.
Dumb bitch.

The tenth Doctor's last words as he regenerated were 'I don't want to go', which elicited the fangirls to respond with 'we don't want you to go either!' and then break down in violent, ugly sobs.

David Tennant in Places He Shouldn't Be

David Tennant managed to start a sick, twisted game involving photoshopping a particular image of him into places he shouldn't be.

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Other Cool Stuff He's Been In

David played the title character in Casanova, which is mostly about the old man version of Casanova thinking back on the young man version of Casanova trying to find love or whatever. We don't know what all this 'different versions of Casanova' stuff is about, but it's probably something to do with time travel.

The most important thing to take from Casanova is that David Tennant is a babe.

Look into those eyes and tell me you don't think he's had sex with both
those women. At the same time.

He was in the reboot of Fright Night in which he wore guyliner and leather pants. Also, for a little while, he had a wig, fake beard and big, flowing leather coat.

This image caused millions of fangirls to have seizures at exactly the
same time across the globe.

And of course, who could forget his role in Harry Potter? He playes Barty Crouch Jr., a death eater with a nervous twitch.

From this role, David Tennant became heralded as the only man on the planet who can make a psychotic bad guy with a nervous tongue twitch incredibly sexy.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

David Tennant met his wife while filming 'The Doctor's Daughter' in the fourth series of Doctor Who. The plot basically goes like this: The Doctor steps out of the TARDIS, gets lynched by some random dudes and has some DNA stolen so they can make an insta-child. That insta-child is named Jenny, and then they have adventures. With boobs.

Jenny is played by Georgia Moffett, and she is now married to David Tennant. He dad is Peter Davison, who, coincidentally, played the fifth Doctor.

So Georgia Moffett is the daughter of a Doctor playing the character of the daughter of the Doctor who is played by her husband.

Do you understand it? Neither do we.