Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains is an awesome under appreciated band that was outsold by Nirvana despite the fact that Nirvana sucks.

albeit not the prettiest band

Just The Facts

  1. Alice in Chains was a grunge/rock band formed by Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell.
  2. Layne Staley was the bands first lead singer and had a unique voice that gave the band it's original and amazing sound.
  3. William Duvall is the lead singer now.........he has an afro.


Staley began playing drums at age 12; he played in several glam bands in his early teens, but by this point, Staley had aspirations of becoming a singer. In 1984, Staley joined a group of Shorewood High students in a band which morphed into Alice N' Chains, a band which Staley said "dressed in drag (JESUS CHRIST!!!) and played speed metal." The new band performed around the Seattle (because all grunge bands come from Seattle) area playing Slayer covers(JESUS CHRIST!!!). Staley met guitarist Jerry Cantrell and the two fast friends lived as roommates for over a year in the rehearsal space they shared. Alice N' Chains broke up and Staley joined a funk band who at the time also required a guitarist. He asked Cantrell to join as a sideman. Cantrell agreed on condition that Staley join Cantrell's band, which at the time included drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Starr (who would be replaced by Mike"the Other Mike" Inez). Eventually the funk project broke up and in 1987 Staley joined Cantrell on a full-time basis. The band took the name of Alice in Chains.

Dirt (1992)

Dirt is Alice in Chains' second album. It was praised by critics and is the band's highest selling album to date.The songs on the album focused on depression, anger, anti-social behavior, drug use, war, death, and other emotionally charged topics. If you haven't heard of it you are either too young or were too busy sucking and listening to Nirvana (seriously screw Nirvana). can't wait to read the comments;)

What the band's doing today

Sadly Layne Staley died of a drug overdose in 2002

The rest of the band reunited in 2005 and performed a series of reunion show from 2005 to 2008 with various lead singers until they decided to "honor" Layne's memory in 2008 by releasing a new album Black Gives Way to Blue with new lead singer William Duvall

"WHO?!"- everyone

so much for integrity I guess