Jay And Dan

In a world of boring, faceless newscasters, Jay and Dan are here to save the day! Using up to date sports news and poop talk, they will brighten any Canadian sports fan’s morning.

Just The Facts

  1. Jay and Dan are anchors on TSN's flagship show SportsCentre (and yes, that SportsCentre, not SportCenter)
  2. Jay and Dan have been on SportsCentre for the past several years, and are usually featured in the morning loop.
  3. They like to talk about poop

Jay Onrait

Jay Onrait is a native of Athabasca Alberta and is the closest thing to a Canadian Ron Burgundy while looking like Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper's doppelganger. Jay's patented SportsCentre catchphrase is 'That's using your face!" usually following someone falling into a sweet face plant on a sports highlight. Jay is also known as Andre and enjoys dancing on set, annoying producer Tim, annoying his co-host Dan, and basically annoying anyone in general. Andre also likes to strike horror into the faces of youngsters during Movember, where he grows the most atrocious of moustaches.

He also likes to talk about poop.

Dan O'Toole

Dan O'Toole is a native of Peterborough Ontario and, laughs like an 80 year old man with lung cancer. Old Man Toolsey enjoys letting go silent farts at Grey Cup parties, slapping hapless TSN interns, and prompting everyone around him to be struck with silence upon hearing his incoherent ramblings, or as Andre likes to call them, Dan's Moments of Silence. Toolsey also enjoys having magical encounters between human and horse

TSN and SportsCentre

TSN (The Sports Network) is Canada's leading sports news and event station. TSN got its start on September 1, 1984 along with its flagship show SportsDesk. SportsDesk was re-launched under the name SportsCentre when ESPN obtained minority stake in TSN on September 5, 2001, hence why SportsCentre has such a similar look to ESPN's SportsCenter in the US.

Jay and Dan are featured on morning edition of SportsCentre from Tuesday, through to Saturday. One can watch a live uncensored taping of their show at 1:00am.

Mr. Logue

YouTube poster Mr Logue featured many of Jay and Dan's funniest moments on SportsCentre. Due to copyright issues, he was shut down. However, due to the immensely popular nature of his videos, he was hired by TSN and now freely posts many of the memorable Jay and Dan moments as seen on SportsCentre.

Podcasts and Videos

Jay and Dan have had a weekly podcast since September of 2012. Weekly features on the podcast include TV Theme Vault, the Mark of the Week, and Story Time with Producer Tim. Talk about sports is often featured, but usually gets lost in all the in depth discussion about poop, angry sex, Dan's Moments of Silence and Jay's forest of pubes.


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