Congratulations! You've discovered what you're looking for by typing in the word movement. As exciting as that word is, you're not done quite yet. Be sure to read all the instructions before going on. We have a particular topic and format in mind.

Your goal, or at least a close approximation by your wacky neighbor to the North.

Writing is what you will be required to do.

You want answers? We have them...for the right price, of course.

Just The Facts

  1. You will create your very own Cracked-type article, complete with links, pictures, and captions, on a topic specified by Headquarters (see below).
  2. Writing is what you will be required to do.
  3. You will send a link to your article to

What's in a Cracked article?

Congratulations! You've found the page you're looking for by solving the clue: SEARCH IN TOPICS FOR MOVEMENT. Now you need to write a Cracked-type article!

A Cracked article consists of:

  • A title
  • An introduction
  • 4-12 list elements

Each item in the list needs to have

  • Content
  • Links to supporting material
  • Pictures
  • Picture captions

In actual articles, the average list item is 350 words, but for our purposes, 200-300 is acceptable.

What should we write about and how should we write it?

Your article must be about either the "History of the Hunt", the "Theme of the Hunt", or "Craziest Places to Find the Coin".

Take a lesson from the magnificent editorial staff and its rigorous standards. Failure to meet these standards will result in stern looks and shaking heads.

Your article must be humorous. This is not a book report. We shall be bored to tears if you submit a book report.

Your article need not be profane. Dick jokes may be replaced with duck jokes.

Your article needs to be mildly accurate. Use links to web pages to support your point. Create supporting material if it cannot be found.

Your article should look like a Cracked article, meaning you should intersperse pictures and text.

It's written. Now what?

First, bask in your success. It's hard to write. Just ask someone whose dissertation progress has been stalled for a decade.

Locate an appropriate webspace and upload your masterpiece. Check to make sure your links work. We will be checking them.

Email with a link to your masterpiece and a way to contact you. We will return our results in a reasonable amount of time.