The Terminator Franchise

The Terminator is a Sci-Fi franchise set in 2029, it involves, among other things, nuclear destruction,sentient robots and machines on the verge of eradicating the human race,irreversible time-travel by butt-naked robots and sadly,a puny human.

Just The Facts

  1. The Terminator Fanchise has grossed over $1,402,938,658 worldwide, with Terminator 2 : Judgement Day being the biggest selling in the series, with $519,843,345. The Terminaror made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name, dispite nobody knowing how the hell his name was spelled or pronounced...
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only actor to show up in all of the films, and yes, CGI counts.
  3. From here on Arnold will be called Arnie, because it's a pain in the ass to spell and type Schwarzenegger. Hell, even copy + pasting it is a chore. That, and his last name sounds like a racial slur....

How Can The Terminator Franchise Make ( at least a little more ) Sense ?

We all know that The Terminator Universe is one filled with contradictions, paradoxes, huge, Goatse-like plot holes and lots of absurd and nonsensical bullshit. ( see : ) However, if we put on our tin-foiled caps and analize all the subtle ( and not-to subtle ) details, maybe some reasonable sense can be made. Brace yourselves, it's CONSPIRACY THEORY HUNTING SEASON !!!!!!


Why it doesn't make sense :

It is stablished as a rule that time travel can only be achieved naked because " only organic matter can be transported ". The T-800 gets a free pass because skin is made of " living flesh ". But neither the T-1000 nor the T-X have organic skin, yet they could travel without problems.

How it can make sense :

The T-1000 is made of liquid metal and the T-X is a combination of the T-800 and T-1000. The liquid metal could be made of nanobots that create real, organic skin in order to time travel. It can even be applied to their endoskeletons, that kind of technology already exists in The Terminator universe.

* Skynet's inability to send the most advanced Terminator in the first place

Why it doesn't make sense :

When the T-800 failed, The T-1000 was sent afterwards, and when the T-1000 failed, they sent the T-X. Why the fuck they didn't send them at a point in the past when nobody knew about them ( and keeping the element of surprise and killing Sarah without Kyle Reese yet arriving to help her ).

How Can It Make Sense :

Skynet found out a way to travel back in time, but there is more than a catch : Once the Terminators ( and Reese ) arrive in the past, they cannot go back. Also, just because Skynet can send matter in time, doesn't mean it can figure out exactly when they'll arrive.

* The Connor Paradox

Why it doesn't make sense :

The reason Skynet sends Terminators to kill Sarah and then John Connor himself is because he was Its biggest threat in the war between The Machines and Humans. Fortunately, John Connor sends not one, but two reprogrammed T-800s to protect his ass. But the thing is, He first sent Kyle Reese, so he can warn and protect Sarah. But then Kyle bones Sarah in order for John to be born and eventually lead The Resistance in the------Whoa, wait a second ; It means that his father is a man that comes (hee-hee !! ) from the future, and the whole point of Skynet using time travel was to kill John, creating an endless paradoxical time loop of Ouroboros-esque proportions.If you really think about it, the movies have made pretty clear that the " birth " of Skynet is our own damn fault. Hell, even when Connor's Death is prevented, instead of finally ending the threat of a Nuclear War and thus the Rise of The Machines, they actually made it worse.The first " Prototypes " of Skynet and the Terminators were possible because pieces and bits of the Termimators remained and were found instead of being destroyed. That's one reason why in T3 Arnie says that Judgment Day it's " Inevitable ". But that's not true, there is one way to end the threat and even prevent the war before it even starts once and for all.....

How can it make sense : NOT to prevent the death of John Connor, but ironically to either kill him or Sarah. JOHN CONNOR MUST DIE, or make sure he never exists. He is the sole reason Terminators travel to the past, get destroyed, their remains are found and get created. If they at least Kill Kyle, that will sufice. The Connor Paradox MUST not exist......

Final Thoughts :

One way to achieve this outcome without having to reboot The Terminator Franchise, is to make adult John Connor realize the existence of the Paradox, and knowing that the humans will never win the war, it is revealed that he sent Kyle not for his birth, but to get Kyle killed, then he was the one that sent the T-800 in T2 specifically to kill him,but his wife changed his directives from killing to helping him without his knowledge. The tragedy will be that he failed, that all was in vain. Realizing this, he hacks another T-800, equips him with the nukes, and orders the T-800 to kill him. With John dead, his wife again reprograms The T-800 to help him. What she doesn't know is that John hacked Skynet to keep trying to kill him, so it was John all along that sent the " bad " terminators, not Skynet. It's a very dark ending, but at least it makes more sense now, like 10 % more sense.