Mystery Hunt

A brief history of the MIT Mystery Hunt. While humorous, this topic will, alas, provide absolutely no help with solving the 2013 puzzle.

The 2011 coin, when set to the Lament Configuration, opens a portal directly to 16.001-16.004

Their brains nicely fattened, the Hunters are corralled to be processed into QA Engineers.

Sleep: something no one gets during Mystery Hunt

Just The Facts

  1. The hunt was originated in 1981 by Brad Schaefer, a distinction that outstrips his helping win the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics.
  2. Having a team full of winners guarantees that your team will never win, for only the masochistic want to write a hunt more than once.
  3. Please don't forget to shower and eat, though you can do both at once.

What is Mystery Hunt?

On the weekend preceeding Martin Luther King Day, most people make an attempt to respect the father of civil rights by enjoying a three day weekend and watching porn. Truly, this was the change that he spoke about when he did all those...things people are ignoring while they go to the semi-annual three day sale on fake gold at your local department store.

So to hell with them. You don't want to talk to those people. You want to think all weekend, preferably while crammed into a tiny room with a bunch of friends who have made a solemn pact not to sleep, eat, or bathe for 72 hours (give or take). That is the essence of the hunt.