Modern Warfare 3

Call Of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3 is the third title in the Modern Warfare series. In single player, you get to compete in seemingly connected acts of violence (or organized war, as the cover up calls it).

Pictured: Mass Murder (or war)

Just The Facts

  1. There is the same amount of controversy than the last game (or more)
  2. The Multiplayer is the reason 46% of people who own the game play it.
  3. Everyone dies at the end (almost)

Single Player Character: Derek Westbrook

You start out as Derek Westbrook. A guy from the United States Delta Force. After your Humvee blows up, you go around New York blowing the fuck out of everyone with a Russian flag on on their shoulder. After that, you go into a clothing store and kill some more people. Then after your crime spree, i mean umm, act of patriotic justice, you go up to a building, blow some shit up, get on a helicopter and blow even some more shit up. Then you go under water on a submarine and blow that the fuck up. As you can tell, being a Delta Operator means getting to make a bunch of stuff explode. Wow, I guess you can say that job really "blows"! Ha ha, get it?

Single Player Character: Yuri "No Last Name"

So Yuri is a ex-spetznaz ex-terrorist Russian guy. You meet him in the third mission. He shoots some people. Mans an assault drone, misses a helicopter and goes down the biggest, most fun slide ever. Then he gets to shoot some more people. Eventually Yuri and two of his bros go to Africa to commit hate crimes on africans, I mean, umm, intercept some equipment. While there, you snipe some people, shoot some people, and blow some people up (Yay more explosions). You do all this only to miss the helicopter thats picking up the equipment. After that you go to this one unknown city where you kill some guys and then wait on a tower for this terrorist responsible for everything bad in the series named Makorov to show up.

Single Player Character: John Soap Mctavish

Soap is a badass killing machine. He is the main badass killing machine of the first two games. First off, he is an ex-SAS and ex-Taskforce Captain. He owns. He has survived an explosion, and he pulled a knife out of his own chest, and threw it into a dudes eye. He survived that too. He, along with Yuri is on the tower. As soon as the bastard Makorov shows up, Makorov decides that he hasn't commited an act of terriosim in a long time (as in 7 days) and blows this tower that Soap is on to shit. Causing Soap to *SPOILER ALERT* Die. This caused even the hardest of gamers to cry.

Back to Yuri

After Soap dieing (and revealing that Makorov knows Yuri), Badass number two John Price decks Yuri in the face and sends him falling down a flight of stairs. After a boring backstory, Price decides not to suffocate Yuri with his awesome Muttonchops, and lets him live.

Pimp Mustache bro,

Pictured: Awesome

Yuri and Price then invade a castle (because a normal bunker is too mainstream) to kill Makorov. After placing some more explosives and killing some more people, they leave. After this they find Makorov at a hotel and dress up in Juggernaut suits and kill everyone in the world (only a slight exaggeration). However, their ownage is short lived. A Helicopter blows up the floor they are on and critically injures Yuri. After a somewhat sad moment, Price leaves Yuri to kill Makorov.

Final Part: Captain Price

John Price then proceeds to jump onto a flying helicopter, stab to the pilots and fly the thing into the building (because he is that bad ass), Realizing he has survived, Price tries to crawl over to a pistol so he can end Makorov. However, as in all other Modern Warfare games, the bad guy beat him to it. When everything looks bad, Yuri comes to the rescue, and shoots the fuck out of Makorov. Not really, Makorov killed him after only two shots, but that distraction was enough for Price to attack Makorov, punch him in the face, tie a rope around his neck, and throw him through a glass window. As he watches Makorov hang, Price lights a cigar. Ending the game.