Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a manga series serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine, a magazine targeted at young boys that is published weekly. Fairy Tail follows the adventures of a guild named Fairy Tail and their wacky , oft-times poorly written hijinks.

Obligatory convoluted relationship flowchart.

Just The Facts

  1. Fairy Tail is Hiro Mashima's second manga. His first, Rave Master, was regrettably not about the hijinks of a perpetually stoned nightclub owner.
  2. Fairy Tail just passed the 300 chapter mark, which is roughly one-tenth the length of the average manga.
  3. Lisanna was upgraded to a series regular in season 2 after Jellal broke her out of Ultear's psychiatric ward in the season 1 finale. She reunited with her one true love, Faust, before the enigmatic man brought magic back to Edoras.
  4. The word "nakama", used liberally in unofficial scanlations, roughly translates into "person I have sex with on a regular basis". In the context of the series, the word is disappointingly used to describe people that the speaker considers a friend within a group of friends... :X Nakamaception, anyon
  5. Fairy Tail was written as the spiritual successor of the obscure Weekly Shonen Jump manga series, One Piece. One Piece was canceled after 17 chapters because it wasn't bishonen enough and the main character wasn't involved in sadomasochistic relationships with his female companions. Fairy Tail remed


Fairy Tail has 346956457367354345 named characters who randomly appear and disappear because nobody cares about them. The MAIN characters who MATTER are part of Team Natsu. Natsu is the hot-headed, poorly realized protagonist with a vehicle fetish and the power to SLAY DRAGONS (allegedly obtained from a clearly suicidal dragon). Lucy, the series' narrator and go-to girl for panty shots, is a Celestial Spirit Summoner who can call upon summons to fight for her cause.

Seriously... isn't there like... Bahamut? Or a mother fucking phantom train?

Seriously? THESE are the summons? Can't we have like... Bahamut? Or, or, a mother fucking DOOM TRAIN?

Other characters of passing importance are cool-guy and aspiring male stripper Gray, badass swordslady with a magical wardrobe for mid-chapter outfit changes named Erza, a mascot cat named Happy, and a couple of other Dragon Slayers, Iron Dragon Slayer Gajeel and Loli Dragon Slayer Wendy.

There are other characters, but the manga conveniently forgets them at opportune moments because ONLY NATSU CAN SAVE US.


Fairy Tail sometimes has a plot, but most of the time, it's just a bunch of chill chapters involving Natsu and the gang eventually getting wrapped up in some random tournament. There's an interesting dichotomy between Fairy Tail's "modular chapters" and "overarching chapters", wherein the more modular storylines are highly enjoyable and the overarching ones tend to fall flat and get convoluted fast. Unfortunately, Hiro Mashima has taken to marrying the worst of both worlds in recent storylines.

When Fairy Tail attempts to tell a story, it's usually about some legendary supervillain named Zeref who looks very much identical to one of the Jonas Brothers. When it's not about Zeref (and most of the time when it is), Jellal usually weasels his way into the story.

N-n-no! Please! Not another mouthful!

Jellal is a recycled character from Mashima's other story that is still not about the hijinks of a perpetually stoned nightclub owner. (I'm still bummed about that.) Jellal has gone from grey-shaded politician to insane badguy to masked man from another dimension to self-sacrificing amnesiac to prince of a abandoned kitty shelter to renegade cop who doesn't play by the rules all in the span of about 300 chapters. All without the parts where we're supposed to care. And just when you thought Jellal was gone for good, Mashima comes back with another bowl. Hopefully this time it's strawberry banana and not... *shudders* lemon-lime...

Oh yeah, so there's a plot: something about those suicidal dragons all committing mass suicide when the stars align on July 7th, 777.

This douchebag probably decided that dragons do in all honesty hate this world. He's right, you know.

Which begs the question, why go through the trouble of raising three Digi-Destined children to slay you if you're just gonna drink cyanide and watch The Mob Doctor instead? So apparently the kids, with the help of their mascot kittens must discover the secret to why the dragons are gone. Or something.

You're only suposed to read Fairy Tail for the panty-shots anyway.

Well, "oi!" to you too.~ How many more panels are you in?


Usually, manga do not have soundtracks. But Fairy Tail has an amazing soundtrack, most likely designed for the sole purpose of aural seduction. Some insist that Fairy Tail's soundtrack was actually created for the anime adaptation, but fuck the anime adaptation, this is a MANLY ASS soundtrack, so thus it is for the MAN-ga. I dare you to tell me this is not the greatest fucking song you have ever heard in your panty-shotless life. I fucking dare you.

Even your soul is crying tears of pure fucking manjuices.

There's basically only one REAL reason to read Fairy Tail, and that's for its soundtrack.