Boofy is a comic about a talking Teddy Bear. Boofy is owned by Laci. The rules on who and what can hear Boofy talk are pretty much determined the needs o the comic.

Boofy with author Jim Ciscell (drawn by Terrence Pilgrim )

The original Boofy Bear concept art ( drawn by Forrest Smith )

Boofy's artist Mike Granger.

Just The Facts

  1. Boofy is drawn every week by the eminently talented Michael Granger.
  2. Boofy is a new take on the whole 'talking teddy bear genre.'
  3. Boofy was originally a supporting character in a never realized comic called "Tech Girl Laci."

The Birth of Boofy

The initial discussions for Boofy came out of text conversations between Jim Ciscell and Forrest Smith about creating a comic called 'Tech Girl Laci.' Jim Ciscell had worked in call centers for nearly a decade and was based loosely on a girl named Lacey Lopez. The comic would have starred Laci trying to make it through call center life as well as tech support calls. As a kind of throwaway in teh original comic, Laci was given a talking teddy bear as a sounding board. In order to contrast the caustic sarcastic nature of the teddy bear, the bear was given an ultra cutesy name that the teddy bear himself might hate.

That name was Boofy. Forrest Smith did original concept art for Boofy. Maintaining Tech Girl Laci as more than a few weeks worth of strip did not seem to materialize and eventually was scrapped as an idea. It was increasingly apparent that the star of the strip was in fact the teddy bear Boofy. After a couple years of retooling, it was decided to give Boofy his own web based strip.

Initially, the strip was drawn by Jim Ciscell as well as written. The result was not exactly the best.

There was shown to be promise, however it was evident that more could be done with the artwork. Ciscell continued to try and hone his artistic skills to make a workable comic.

The second attempt was better... but only slightly. The promise of the writing was shown though. Boofy (even with the crude drawing ) started to attract notice. After Ciscell's third attempt, the notice produced an artistic savior. That savior's name was Michael Granger.

Granger asked if it would be possible for him to "guest draw" Boofy. This was a rather kind way of saying "Please let me take over the artistic duties sometime before I bleach out my own eyes having to look at another one of your drawings..with all due respect." Granger soon became the permanent artist for Boofy Comics. The comic immeadiately got much, much, better. Granger redeisgned the look to the bear we see today.

After the first couple of successes, it was decided that Boofy should have his own website. Through the magic of wordpress, was born. Boofy also started to move outside of the classic play room format. The limit of ridiculous situations to put Boofy in was just starting to materialize.

Boofy sort of started veering from one situation to another. Much of it started to border on pop culture commentary. Boofy also started to pick up the semblence of a supporting cast such as a seemingly perprtually stoned hippie giraffe friend named Patches. Boofy also developed a nemesis in an Orca toy as well as an oject of affection in a pink care bear. Boofy was also revealed to have some definate opinions on pop culture, sci fi, and fantasy as well as politics.

At some point, it would probably be a good idea to feature "Cuddles"again.

Boofy himself started to take on different looks based on pop culture.

So stay tuned, you never know where the idea train will crash into next.