Charles Beaumont

Charles Beaumont ( January 2nd, 1929 - February 21st, 19 1967 )is perhaps one of the greatest writers you have never heard of. If not the name, you should definately be familiar with his legendary work.

Beaumont wrote more and better in 38 years than most would in twice the life time.

This is how you knew a Twilight Zone episode was going to be really good.

It i really sad that this book is currently out of print.;

Just The Facts

  1. Charles Beaumont was credited with writing over 20 Twilight Zone episodes.
  2. Beaumont also wrote short story collections as well as screen plays.
  3. Beaumont's life was akin to one of his stories. He grew up being dressed in girls clothes and died looking over twice his own age.

The Man

Beaumont was born Charles Leroy Nutt. Having the last name of Nutt exposed Beaumont to riducule by students, so Charles ended up using the pen name of Charles Beaumont. As a young boy, Nutt was dressed in girls clothes by his mother. These experiences would later influence Beaumont's writing as an adult.

There is also a story that Beaumont's mother once threatened to kill his dog as punishment for dsi obedience.

Beaumont became interested in sports, horror, and science fiction as a young man. He sold his first short story to the magazine Amazing Stories in 1950. Beaumont was also the first author of a short fiction work in Playboy.

In addition to being a writer, Beaumont was also an illustrator and even held down a job as a dishwasher. When he was 34, Beaumont was struck with a brain illness that seemed to rapidly age him. When he died at the age of 38, his son would later remark that he was 95 in every way but chronological. Towards the end. many of Beaumont's friends ( notably Jerry Sohl ) would ghost write his work to keep him financially solvent.

Beaumont was known to be generous with what little he had. He would often repay his friends by inviting them to indulge in watching his favorite sport... auto racing.

The Work

Lets just take a few to look at The Twilight Zone episodes that Beaumont wrote or inspired.

Perchance To Dream - A man walks into a psychologists office trying to live past his next nightmare.

Elegy - Three astronauts run out of fuel on a planet. They just want to go home. However, no one seems to be moving....

Long LIve Walter Jameson - Walter Jameson is officially a history professor. However, he would more accurately be called a 'memory professor.'

A Nice Place To Visit - A small time hood dies. He cannot understand what he ever did to end up in Heaven. Come to find out, neither can anyone else.

The Howling Man - Catching the Devil is one thing, keeping the Devil is really quite another.

Static - Some people have no appreciation for the older, finer, things in life. Some people have no ability to let them go.

The Prime Mover - Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. However, no one ever said that the holder of the power would be the one corrupted.

Long Distance Call - It can be hard to let someone go when they die. It can be harder when you are dead and they are still alive.

Shadow Play - Some dreams you would not mind living over and over again. But the one in which you are convicted of murder and walking to death row?

The Jungle - We got fun and games.

Dead Man's Shoes - You can possess clothes or they can possess you.

The Fugitive - Who ever thought you would be grateful for the old coots that made up stories rather than the ones telling the truth?

Person or Persons Unknown - You wake up. You're the same. Its just everyone else in the world who is different... and... they don't know who you are.

In His Image - You have one burning question. It is the only question in the world you do not want an answer too.

Valley of the Shadow - There is a chance that Paradise is a small town in the middle of no where. There is an even stronger chance that Paradise just wants you to leave Eden.

Miniature - Before there was Second Life, there was Miniature.

The Printer's Devil - Tabloids print mistruths all the time. What if by printing it, it became the truth?

The New Exhibit - Life can imitate art. Art can imitate life. Just make sure that when you play charades, its not with the lives of mass murderers.

Passage on the Lady Anne - Everyone tried to tell a young couple not to book passage on the Lady Anne. Everyone on the boat was elderly. They may well spend the rest of their lives wondering what the Lady Anne's destination really was.

Living Doll - Meet Talky Tina, you'd better be nice to her.

Number 12 Looks Just Like You - Free thought, unique appearance, and individuality. Yeah, they really hate that.

Queen of the Nile - Some beauty secrets are simply to die for.