To be frank, once seen, you cannot 'unsee' the Catcopter. However, on a very sweet level, this is a story of love. Please don't love us like this after we are gone.

Aerial hobbyist and cat lover Bart Jansen.

Orville as a skyrocket in flight.

Rattle, rattle, I come for cattle.

Just The Facts

  1. Bart Jansen named his two cats Orville and Wilbur after his love of flying.
  2. After Orville passed away,. Jansen could not bear to see the cat go.
  3. Jansen then crafted Orville into a flying machine... capable.. of scaring... humans.. and cows.

Origin of the Catcopter

When Bart Jansen saw his beloved cat Orville pass away, he could not simply bury Wilbur's playmate. Yes, during this kitty's life time, he was actually named after a Wright brother. Now, he is literally a Kitty Hawk. In an exploding youtube video, Orville's skin has been stretched over a quadracopter in what Jansen will tell you is an "Orvillecopter' and a loving tribute. The rest of the free world will call it a Catcopter. This is a concept so awesome, disturbing, morally challenging, loving, that it had to be immortalized in a 1980s style synth pop songs whose refrain is "i'm A Cat, Cat, Cat, Cat Helicopter." Though technically, the stretching of skin over the helicopter is little different than the concept of leather. However, lets face it, in the word of Denis Leary in the immoral No Cure For Cancer. "You're a cow" Cows get on the bus. Cows get turned into handbag. This is a furry friend that you are trying to honor who is now sent to herd and scare cattle. You will never forget the flying Felinestein frenzy that is now the Orvillecopter. You can debate the mixing of the two items loving both flying, cats, machines and making something out of all three. There is love. There is misguided love. There is awesomeness. There is revulsion. And by God, there is now the Catcopter... and as for me... Catcopter is a force for good.