What Is Your Favorite Apocalypse?

These days, people think that the apocalypse will be a personal terrifying experience. However, traditionally the apocalypse was a lot more impersonal and communal.

All some people want out of their apolayptic experience is a gun and a major land war.

Of course, the first rule of apocalyptic survival... is well ... survival...

Badass? Yes. Survive till tommorow? No.

Just The Facts

  1. Nearly since the beginning of time, people have been expecting and quite frankly hope for it to all end.
  2. Apocalyptic fears are signs of their times as well as the culture. Nuclear apocalypses were popular in the 1950s. Zombie apocalypses are popular today.
  3. Fear of the apocalypse can often serve as a calming influence on how we live today.

The Allure of the Apocalypse

Lets face it. Apocalypses are two things. The apocalypse is scary because of the fear of constant death.

Apocalypses also serve the purpose of putting a potential 'reset button' on the world in which everyone is started on an equal footing.

Its a world in which literally any one could possibly rise based solely on their own merits. Some people have even tried to envision a sort of generational apocalypse in which everyone did not actually have to die.

Of course, most people that think lovingly about the apocalypse tend to think that they will a) survive and b) be special enough to thrive.

More than likely, they are not. There are also stories that tend to make that little revelation painfully obvious.

As well as some that make it seem less obvious. This is because they tend to make you envision yourself as the one special one and not the huddled masses.

We're going out on a limb and saying that you are not that guy. However, feel free to peruse our apocalypse list and see with of a potential thousand deaths suits you best.


"I cannot predict what breed of weapons will be employed in the waging of the Third World War; what I can predict is that the Fourth War shall be fought with sticks and stones."

- Albert Einstein

In recent years, the idea has cropped up that mankind is one breath (or rather a complete power outage) away from the stone age. Modern films that have explored this option are Live Free or Die Hard....

As well as the recent film version of The Day The Earth Stood Still....

With a society so reliant on technology and electricity for its needs, the theory is that while everyone would survive without electronics briefly - anarchy would quickly ensue.

Those who look forward to this type of apocalypse assume that they would have a natural advantage in a less technological environment.

Zombie Apocalypse

There is a certain segment of the populace that is really looking forward to a Zombie Apocalypse in which the slow are eaten and those with gun skills can kill indiscriminately. Well, kill the monsters anyway.

Every day is a life or death adventure down the lines of jungle survival.

This is exactly the type of survival of the fittest that has been forseen by some of histories most quoted philsophers and scientists.

As stated before, the apocalypse that is prevalent is a sign of the times. Zombie apocalypses are completely about shooting out of desperation. There is also a ton of free food and free lodging. Zombie Apocalypses are popular now because these are severely economically depressed times.

During robust economic times, you simply did not have a popularity attached to the zombie apocalypse. However, roaming around and shooting while looting tends to look like a good idea when there are not a lot of options presenting themselves.

Again, the love of the paocalypse is purely a point of view that in a society in which everyone is out for themselves - you are in fact an exceptional individual. There is also a belief that a humvee, a shotgun, and your wits are better than the very real alternative.

Biblical Apocalypse

There is also a segment of the population that looks forward too and takes comfort in the thought of a Biblical apocalypse or armageddon.

The reason for this is generally not the actual apocalypse itself, but the feeling of the 'get out of jail free card' known as The Rapture. The promise of the Rapture is that the members of the Church will be raptured into Heaven and live out the apocalypse in bliss while the Earth literally goes to Hell. The obvious trouble is that there are those that exploit the euphoria of a Biblical Rapture for there own twisted purposes.

Again, the love of the apocalypse is all about a feeling of unfairness in the world in which it is presently constituted. The Biblical Apocalypse allows the world to finish going to Hell while those who seemingly deserve hell will get their just rewards. The only people that could possibly look forward to staying on earth during a Biblical apocalypse would have to be really into the study of... bugs...


In a Robopocalypse, the machines that serve us begin to take over and rule us.

The survivors and rebels in a robopocalypse have the added advantage of being able to kill without conscience.

How this is actually better than being the machines themselves is a little bit of a mystery. Keep in mind this is a mystery to the machine as well.

Most of the time, the robots have already risen against the humans and usually have disobeyed their own internal programming.

The allure of a robot apocalypse is not only the ability to excel as an individual but also to kill without conscience. You can be robotic as well as special. After all, its just robots...roght?

Apocalypse By Disease

In order to survive a contagion or disease apocalypse, you have to have something inherently special about you.

Once you are still alive, then all of the resources of the planet are yours without the others to fight you for it. That is of course assuming that the medical contagion did not cause side effects which make you not the last people or last few people on earth.

The appeal to some people is not only the preservation of your own life but a presumed preservation of the environment. A world with much fewer people is an appeal to some. Some see it as the only way to preserve the rest of the environment.

And have certain undeniable results...

Nuclear Apocalypse

Surviving the nuclear apocalypse does not necessarily mean you are special in any way. It merely means that you are lucky. The luck still gives you free reign over the world.

There is also a chance that you might be suddenly attractive to previously unattainable women purely for the purpose of pro-creation.

The allure of a nuclear apocalypse is that you may be painfully aware that you are a person of limited abilities. The only conceivable means to a rise in society would be if that society suddenly and completely disappeared.

The potential drawback is that society will rebuild. There is also the allure of surviving because you were resourceful enough to prepare beforehand. This has led to an entire survivalist culture dedicated to having a jumpstart on society.

So, even if the dream does come true, you will still find yourself behind the eight ball and dealing with a lot of hard core people that you may not want to deal with.

Mayan Apocalypse / Fire From the Sky or Below

At various points in human history, certain events have potentially predicted the end of the world as we know it.

Having a sense of the date of the end of humanity allows a certain freedom in how to live before the end actually occurs.

In this case, you have the knowledge of certain death which brings new meaning into the remaining days of your life.

After all, if fire is going to rain from the sky anyway, what is the point in not being yourself and doing exactly what you want to?

For that matter, what is the point to begin with?