Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray is a pop band that only the 90's could've created, making tunes your parents did their embarassing dance to at weddings. But they were once a pretty cool thrash band. Yes, the same Sugar Ray you're thinking of.

Sugar Ray, Pre-

...AAAAAAAnd, after selling out.

This is a Sugar Ray album cover. I'm serious as Big Pun's heart attack

Just The Facts

  1. If you enjoy "Fly" and "Every Morning" you will probably DETEST their old stuff.
  2. A nod to their old thrash-fans, as recent as 2012 they still play old stuff like "Mean Machine" live.
  3. Despite having adorable kids and being responsible for post-1999 Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath is still pretty fucking hardcore.

Sugar Ray (The Good Stuff)

Most people would give their radio hits a listen and write this band off as another generic band created and sold by the record companies. It's actually more tragic to realize that Sugar Ray was in fact a pretty badass band before their metamorphasis. Founded in Orange County, they dropped a great but not commercially successful album called "Lemonade and Brownies". The cover featured a side shot of a smoking hot blonde, and the tracks were the polar opposite of what one would expect. Their style and sound was a mix between fast paced, hypo, kick ass thrash and slow, funky, rock-rap fusion. They cursed all over their CD, objectified women, dyed their hair stupid colors, headbanged and incited mosh pits every time they played live. One could almost say the impossible phrase: that sugar ray was pretty fucking punk rock.

But as fate would have it, they decided to expand their sound and ending up recording a song called "Fly", which would gain them fame worldwide, but the price that was paid was permanently having to go pop.

Sugar Ray (The Bad Stuff)

Their new sound isn't exactly terrible, but it is a far cry from the lemonade and brownies days. The funny thing about "fly" was that a metric fuckload of angsty teenage girls purchased the CD (this was pre-napster, young buck) expecting to get 15 tracks of "fly" and hits like it. What they got was Sugar Ray's last thrash album with the one radio hit thrown into the mix. Since then they have released a few pop albums, fell off the map for a while and their lead singer has been trapped in television hell like General Zod.

Thankfully though, the band has began touring again in 2012 and though they still play the radio stuff that your parents will love, the other half of their set list is dedicated to the old rocking songs.