Jiggmin.com is a website which was created in 2007 by a flash game developer named Jacob Grahn aka Jiggmin. Jiggmin is a weird man who has fanboys more loyal than the likes of bronies.

Sexy website logo

The handsome devil himself

His avatar, which we can assume is a balding black guy getting a haircut

Just The Facts

  1. Once you join his his forum (Jiggmin's Village), you will never leave.
  2. If you decide to stalk Jiggmin, get in line. You'll be behind over 4,000 other stalkers.
  3. Fred the Giant Cactus should be banned.
  4. he is a really nice guy on pr2 but asilva did not like him so she maid a story that he nuked 13 times but iu was there and he did not
  5. Jiggmin is dead. Source: sexygurl23

Jiggmin's Village

As mentioned earlier, Jiggmin has a forum named Jiggmin's Village. Jiggmin's Village is truly the best bad habit. It is powered by VBulliten and was created on July 1st, 2008. Jiggmin opened it to the public on July 6th, 2008. For short, people use the acronym JV instead of Jiggmin's Village.

At first it started as a nice community where young teens were just starting out their journey of the internet. There were a few people who actually could use words larger than 8 letters, but they were mostly moderators so they couldn't troll the little village people.

As time went on, the innocent nice teenagers finally figured out what the internet really is meant for: porn. Then they became the annoying teenagers the older generation has come to hate: lazy kids who sit staring at their computer all day. It has an extensive history of attacks and ban evaders, but I really don't feel like explaining it. So I'll just direct you to this thread. But honestly now, if you're still reading this page then you're obviously already addicted to Jiggmin's Village and just looking to see if your name is in here. But if you are just a random cracked.com reader, why are you still here? Nothing interesting has been said, and there have been no fart jokes to keep your attention.

-Rammjet or PooZy made this

All in all, if you want to waste many hours in your life on an internet forum refreshing for a new post with words nobody understands explaining that god doesn't exist; join JV. It's a nice place with a closely knit community, but after it all you might just think, "Was it worth it?" Your answer will be yes by the way, because Jiggmin will brainwash you with his baby cacti wheel barrels.

But beware: Nobody escapes the village, nobody.

Platform Racing 2

Jiggmin's most popular game is definitely Platform Racing 2 (PR2). It's a place to chat, make levels, race, but most importantly, cyber. If you're looking for a girlfriend who in reality is a 12 year old boy done with his subtraction homework, Platform Racing 2 is the place to be. Make sure you go to the server Carina which has the best selection.

I'm just joking, sort of.

But in seriousness, it is a pretty great game. It has a basic layout which is good on the eyes and depressing theme music which makes my mom cry when she's in the kitchen making dinner. That's a plus in case you were wondering. There is a campaign which you get through 9 levels while gaining ranks and new body parts. (Yes, new body parts hahaha) If you can beat the long and arduous task of Hat Factory, that is essentially the end of the game. But then there are user created levels and by then you've been hooked. Sorry, but in a few months you'll end up in Jiggmin's Village and then your life will be gone.

Platform Racing 2 was the most played game on Kongregate for over 2 years. It lost to Minions in the Flash Gaming Summit. After it lost the JVers spammed the Flash Gaming Summit chat so if you've ever enjoyed the Minions, you're in the wrong place. If not, enjoy Platform Racing 2! You'll make plenty of friends.

Play here: http://jiggmin.com/games/platform-racing-2

Platform Racing 3

After the success of Platform Racing 2, Platform Racing 3 was probably one of the most anticipated flash games in history.

It's a great game, I'll tell you that. It has the general gist of Platform Racing 2, just more options. The level editor has so many creative and inventive things you can do, and there are more modes than just racing. eg: Deathmatches, Hat Attacks, Coin Fiends

Unfortunately, Jiggmin gave the rights of the game to Sparkworkz.com. At first glance, that may not be a bad thing, but stay there for 15 minutes and your dreams will be shattered forever. At least the panic button there has done the majority of my French homework for me.

Play here: http://www.sparkworkz.com/platformracing3/