Racist Cartoons

We all love Disney and Looney Tunes. We all grew up laughing at Bugs, but can you imagine Bugs in black face? Yeah, it happened.

I'm surprised he doesn't have the topsy knot head.

Watermelon... what racist cartoon is complete without it?

Nazi Donald Duck, It doesn't really seem like much of a stretch. I also ADORE that this isn't photoshopped at ALL.

Just The Facts

  1. Cartoons were extremely popular in the 40's and 50's.
  2. Most people were OPENLY racist in the 40's and 50's.
  3. Therefore, most cartoons from this era are pants-shittingly racist.


There are many flat the fuck out racist cartoons from the golden age, and there are three distinct categories that these cartoons may fall under:

1. "PC Racism" Movies - These are the kind of cartoons where maybe a joke or two is offensive. These movies overall are only deemed racist or offensive in our current climate of everyone gets a trophy let's all hold hands and sing about global warming until Tinkerbell wishes it away. The only people who would be so bold as to call these flicks racist are the type of people who are involved in the campaign of "if you snitch on a bully, your bullying problems will be over!" No really, look: www.beastaralliance.org They actually think that snitching is going to solve your bully problem, rather than standing up for yourself and fighting. High school must be extremely different from when I went back in the 90's, but I was under the impression you'd get stomped out for being a tattle-tale. Anyway, only these kind of soccer mom pussies would be offended by this harmless ignorance.

Example: http://youtu.be/ljT_FCL-4zw

2. "Patriotic Racism" Movies - These are the cartoons that can be forgiven, because PEARL HARBOR. Do you remember October of 2001? You were able to walk down the street and say "Fuck ALL Arabs" and "Fuck ALL Muslims" and nobody batted an eyelash? That's because 9/11 gave us a bit of leeway when it came to racism. Pearl Harbor = The 9/11 of the 1940's. SLAP A JAP!

Example: http://youtu.be/YC7z0T0DaQI

3. "The Race War Started 5 Minutes Ago" Movies - Offensive, ignorant and racist as shit throughout it's entirety. Holy shit, the people who have made a movie like this deserve an animation award for being able to create a cartoon with those big pointy hoods on.

Example: http://youtu.be/UacUR7bPnMM