Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an AMC TV show. Currently, coveted consumers age 18-35 wait anxiously for season 3 to return this fall. The Walking Dead is notable for taking risks and having more jaw dropping moments than the results of my last STD blood test.

Somehow,  it's even scarier when Rick lives up to his

If zombies had a sex offender list, this motherfucker would be at the TOP.

Just The Facts

  1. The Walking Dead is a television drama about a band of survivors trying to move forward after a zombie apocalypse.
  2. The show is known for it's "Holy Shit" moments. (Andrea in peril + Michonne's last second rescue + Armless zombies on leashes with muzzles = Me tarding out loud enough that my wife gives me a cheap shot in the kidney IN HER SLEEP.)

Season 1: A Synopsis.

In the beginning we see Rick policing a town outside of the ATL with his partner Shane, until he catches a hot one that puts him into a coma. He wakes up only to find out that he's fashionably late to the zombie apocalypse. Finally getting his bearings, he heads into the city in a desperate search to find his wife and son, Carl. Unable to find gas, he takes a horse from a dead couple's farm and rides to the city, only to find it annihilated and hosting a zombie orgy. The horse goes down quicker than Paris Hilton desperately trying to achieve fame, and all hope is seemingly lost as Rick has no choice but to lock himself inside of an abandoned tank and wait for death by either starvation or becoming a zombie hors d'oeuvre.

Luckily Rick runs into a group of survivors and returns to their camp only to be reunited with his wife and child (one of the most devestating moments of the show, if you are a parent. The acting in this scene is superb as Andrew Lincoln seems as if he's going to either faint or vomit with relief that he is now with his beloved family.) Rick wastes no time hooking back up with his old partner Shane (whom is hiding the dark secret that he is, to put in scientific terms... "Fuckin' his baby momma behind a nigga back.") and becoming the de facto leader of the group.

Many different scenarios unfold during their stay in the woods, most of which pit the group against gnashing zombie teeth and unkept yellow fingernails that would put Howard Hughes to shame. Finally, the nightmare seems over as they make it to the Atlanta Center For Disease Control, a cushy place that has everything from electricity to hot water and even an Irishman's best friend... Strong drink.

Things aren't always as they seem in TWD universe, as it is uncovered that the CDC is going to self destruct upon running out of power, and the doctor has no intention of letting them leave. After some amazing level headed smooth talk and a Deus Ex Machina grenade (both of which are provided by Rick), they barely escape with their lives, but not before the doctor pulls Rick close to him, leans in and whispers in his ear that.....

Season 2: A Synopsis.

The more things change, season 2 is fond to remind us, the more they stay the same. In the second season, the group led by Rick eventually wanders to an amazing hiding spot: A farmhouse out in the middle of B.F.E. owned by an extremely kind Irishman named Hershel. It is revealed that Hershels heart may be a bit too pure, as he is prone to capture zombies and keep them in the old barn, feeding them and desperately hoping that a cure will turn them back into humans again. Fate took care of the zombie problem however, as Shane ended up having his way and seeing to it that the group of shed zombies took more bullets than the Columbine high cheerleading squad.

Sometimes at odds, for the most part Hershel and his troop gets along with Rick's band of merry men, eventually having them move into the house with his family. The merger is short lived however, as the moment everyone gets nice and comfy two major events unfolded.

The first moment that had fans screaming "HOLY COW!" more times than a hindu at a slaughterhouse was when Shane admitted to bagging the neematoad with Rick's wife as he lie in a hospital bed. Not content just being a poster boy for Summer's Eve, Shane attempts to murder his BFF so he can claim Rick's wife for himself. Having none of it, Rick uses his knife to stick it to Shane and finishes up in time to see his small child looking on in horror. Carl points the gun at his father, but it is revealed that he was pointing at something else entirely which brings us to OMG-inducing moment two...

Shane, having not been bitten or scratched at all, decides to walk off his fatal stab wound. Carl puts down zombie Shane, but before the audience has time to put it together they are interrupted by the arrival of every walker from Atlanta to Macon a few hundred yards behind Rick. An all out war erupts on Hershel's farm, and the property is lost as the group make their escapes. They meet back on the highway and regroup.

As they sit beside the fire, Rick reveals what the CDC doc had whispered to him at the end of the first season... That they are all infected already with the zombie virus, it merely lies dormant until death occurs. The season ends with a pan out shot to reveal an abandoned prison on the horizon, which anyone who's ever did a stretch can tell you that prison is nature's fortress. It's like Troy with bars and zombies aren't smart enough to build a horse.

One more thing... Andrea, who had been separated from her friends and had the shit luck to miss a ride with any of the 467 cars pulling out of the farm, runs out of bullets as the zombies close in. To her credit, she has the brass balls to beat one zombie to death with the butt of an empty gun. She falls down as a zombie moves in for the kill, and at the last moment- SPLADOW! Zombie heads roll. The camera pulls out to reveal her savior, and the singlehandedly most badass shot in the series thus far: