Patrick Thornton's Bigotry

Patrick Thornton is a racist from Tulsa, Oklahoma who dresses to public events in a cheap costume headdress, lipstick smeared war paint, and a pink and white loin cloth.

Just The Facts

  1. Natives are the victims of the greatest human crime in History - Genocide.
  2. Mocking them in costume is akin to painting your face black, wearing chains on your back, and going to a costume party as a slave.
  3. Patrick Thornton became the center of controversy by posting photos of himself in public in costume on the internet.

The Strange Case of Patrick's Bigotry is one of the top ten websites on the planet. You might say we are on the cutting edge of humour, and parody. As such we have a responsibility to define the cutting edge of humour, and we have a responsibility to bury forevor old forms of racism and bigotry, which masquerade as humour and entertainment. For example, we at feel like dressing up like a slave to a party by painting your face black, wearing chains on your back and a bone through your nose, is not cutting edge humour. a) it's been done. and b) it's fucked up to mock victim races in racist costumes.

But please. Feel free to make fun of white people.

So let us tell you a story about a man fom Tulsa, Oklahoma, who came out of the house one day dressed like a racist, to attend a public costume party called Tulsa Tough - an event where fat byciclists try to ride their bikes up a steep hill without crying real tears, while being cheered on by people in ridiculously flamboyant costumes. The party is the Comicon of Tulsa, here you'll find people dressed like Santa Claus, Cruella Deville, and you'll also find this guy...

This photograph was taken by Sterlin Harjo of his own middle finger. Sterlin is a Native American who is part of a viral comedy troupe called the 1491s who operate on youtube and facebook. They posted this photograph a few days after the event. This photo on the 1491s's facebook enjoyed 685 likes and 209 shares, sparking controversial, race based debate all over facebook.

Now the ginger in the photo dressed as a naked stereotype of an American Indian, who wears a big cartoony headdress and not much else - that isn't Patrick. That is a different racist at the same event dressed exactly like the villain of our story - Patrick Thornton. This guy...

Patrick dressed up as America's victim race with all the class of a Halloween whore.

"It's not okay for ANYONE to run around drunk in a head dress."

-Darla Bennett

Now Patrick is a very popular man amongst Tulsa Hipsters, and his popularity plays a part in this story too. Because when he posted the pictures of himself in a stereotype costume, in Indian Country in Oklahoma, instead of outrage, the comments under his photos on facebook flashed words of encouragement, and even blatantly racist comments without much controversy.

One female re-named Patrick "Drunken Buffalo."

Rebecca Gray commented, "LOLZ. Anyway, just got on here to say that you are so hot in that head dress, and maybe if Injins were as hot as you they'd still be around more? XOXO! "

We wonder if Rebecca Gray also thinks the Jewish victims of the Holocaust would not have died if they had looked better naked.

Rebecca didn't didn't think the Holocaust was sexy enough.

Patrick's costume - the costume of a naked man wearing a fake fur loincloth and lipstick war paint, sexualized the stereotype he depicted at the Tulsa Tough Event.

Then our hero, the artist Rudy Dean, who saw the 1491s photo on his newsfeed with all the chatter it caused about hipster clowns wearing feathers and warpaint, and on the same day on the same newsfeed, he saw Patrick's photos and the comments stroking his ego for what none of Patrick's friends will call racism, and Rudy Dean became the lone voice at that point who would point at Patrick and yell, "he wears no clothes" and "He's a bigot!"

Our hero's Fbook profile photo. He wears white paint and a bloody mouth to mock white people.

Patrick hated being called a bigot. So he messaged Rudy and he threatened to sue Rudy for slander. Rudy messaged Patrick that Pat's facebook photos were proof that Patrick was racist. He offered to settle out of court with this proposal - Patrick apologise publicly for dressing like a racist cartoon clown, and remove his offending photos.

Patrick replied by changing his profile picture to a closeup of himself in the headress with lipstick smeared on his cheeks like warpaint, mocking anyone who would be offended by his redface minstrel show portrait.

In this clown on clown facebook drama, Patrick displayed further racism, demanding that Rudy racially identify himself as an Indian before he was allowed to criticize Patrick's costume. Patrick wanted to see Rudy's CDIB card - a card that identifies the fraction of native blood a federally recognized Indian has.

Rudy refused to identify his race to Patrick. He said Patrick was just further proving to be a racist by demanding a brown person identify his race to him. He firmly stated time and again that his own race didn't matter when it came to criticizing Patrick's costume for its racism.

Patrick, who was on shaky ground with his costume being identified as racist, claimed to be native himself, and said "I owe no apologies. It's my heritage and i can wear a headdress and loincloth any time I please without guilt. Me being native gives me the right to dress in native garb."

Patrick posted his documentation.

Now this is where Patrick messed up. Because Rudy knew better than to accept the premise that one must prove himself to be Native for his arguments to be true or false. But Patrick's defense of his costume was now tied to his racial identity by his own rules, and his racial identity as a Native was about to be deconstructed by another native activist on facebook.

Okie Bowl posted this about Patrick's card -

"Hey Patrick, how much did you pay for your card? This is not a federally recognized tribe, which doesn't necessarily mean it's not legitimate, but suspect. Also, this particular "Nation" (which it is not) is suspect of being fraudulent. Any person or group requiring money in exchange for a status of being Native, is immediately suspect as being fraudulent, which in your case seems most likely. ................. bhb Please provide additional information if you want to be considered anything but a wannabe or impostor and a racist hipster who dons headdresses and ridiculous warpaint. Cherokees are not Plains NDNs and never wore headdresses."
Patrick never claimed to be native again. But the deconstruction of Patrick's native self identification is something that surely Patrick tried to set Rudy up for with his challenge. Native identity is always challenged and always deconstructed in order to humiliate native activists. If someone claims to be native as motive for their outcries against racism, first they are required to prove they are natives. But once they do, they are viewed as half breeds, or only a 1/4 native, or whatever it takes to deny them a native identity. The criterion for being native becomes ever narrower for whoever demands a native prove themselves in order to be hurt by mockery.
For some reason, people who claim to be Irish are never asked to prove it.
By this point, Rudy had posted this quick photoshop collage to Patrick's timeline, to parody both the 1491s photo from the same day, and Patrick's profile avatar.
Patrick's friendlist started to notice the controversy. They quickly came to his rescue, many of them native themselves, first identifying the native nations in their ancestry, then telling Patrick he was hot dressed like Pocahontas and that they wanted to have sex with him.
This is the danger of a racism that sexualises a racial stereotype. Patrick became a highly fuckable indian stereotype in his costume.
Rudy parlayed the sexuality enjoyed by Patrick's female admirers into a parable comparing native mockery costumes to a situation where a gangbang occurs, where the rapists were never charged with rape, where they started dressing like their rape victim to mock her.
But the women who defended Patrick on his facebook didn't care about racism, not one bit, and they didn't care if they displayed racism either. One white woman from Connecticut told Rudy to eat her maize shit and drink her fire water piss. This same person claimed to be a progressive lesbian woman, who would get married in a headdress if she felt like it.
We think perhaps she was talking about the progress racists call Manifest Destiny.
Another of these progressive defenders of Patrick, Carrie Cervantes declared, "He's gay!!!! How more open about different walks of life can he be."
The implication seemed to be that gay people were incapable of racim. Patrick's homosexuality was only mentioned once by someone named Victor while criticizing his costume. One of Patrick's friends was quick to point out that Patrick's sexuality had nothing to do with the situation. It seems like the only bigotry the white hipsters were against was anti gay bigotry, while they violently protected Patrick's right to treat native people's feelings on his bigotry like toilet paper.
Patrick's friends publicly rallied to report Rudy for cyberbullying on facebook until his parody photo of Patrick was removed.
Rudy, having never thought of it, raced to report Patrick's offending photos.
By the time our hero woke in the morning, his parody photo of Sterlin Harjo's middle finger flipping off Patrick had been removed by facebook.
Things were getting truly flipped around. The progressive bigots claimed to be offended because Rudy Dean was offended. The internet is truly ridiculous - a parody of the of racist imagery is censored, but the racist source material is protected . Patrick's profile photo to this day is his headshot there with his duck lip kiss and his lipstick painted cheeks.
Rudy would also wake to a text message from a representative of the 1491s who asked him not to use the 1491s logo in the future. The text message said the 1491s were really upset about it. They accused Rudy Dean of cyber bullying. One of Rudy's facebook friends was asked by Sterlin Harjo to remove the parody photo she shared. Sterlin admitted to have reported Rudy's parody photo to facebook himself.
Some people thought it hypocritical of the 1491s to be okay with the controversy sparked by their own photo, but not with the controversy furthered by the emulation of their work.
Others thought it was a copyright issue. Its not a copyright issue for All of our articles are both parody and educational, including this one, these facts mean we legally use copyrighted material.
Like this for instance.
The word battle raged for days.
Patrick became more popular than ever from the unimpressive facebook event, his wounds from true words licked by his murder of friends. He claimed that Rudy Dean had put his life in danger, by exposing him as a bigot. Rudy argued this was further proof of Patrick's racism, to think people would hurt him for one of the thousands of jokes made on tv alone, every day, aimed at native people.
The racist remarks of Patrick's friends and the concepts battled over on facebook caused by Patrick's racist costume cut to the very heart of what it meant to be an American. There seemed to be a dividing line between the mob of progressive, white hipsters and the few strong voices of native resistance. Perhaps what Rudy Dean said about America was true. Perhaps it was Apartheid, where two socieities exist in America, the native one under the colonist boothill of the other.
Rudy Dean offered this parable early in the facebook event so others could see the situation clearly -
" lets say the germans won world war two, and exterminated 98 percent of
all jews. and the rest they just kind of kept alive on their
concentration camp reservations. lets say about seventy years later
its twenty twelve (2012) and germany has sports teams called the jews.
and mascots that are chopped off jewish heads. and because its kinda
hip and trendy and fashionable, the german kids start dressing like
their sports teams mascots. they wear yamulke's on their heads and
they get ibm holocaust tatoo numbers on their arms, and they wear
stars of david armbands instead of their normal swastika armbands."

The situation is about like that, and we all know it.