Persona 3

Persona 3 is an entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series, where you summon demons by shooting yourself in the head. It's much better than it sounds. Much, MUCH better.

A story of some high school students and their screaming head monsters. (Source: TV Tropes)

The original box-art, for the weaboos who care. (Source: Shin Megami Tensei Wiki)

Just The Facts

  1. To the people who forgot, the Persona series is part of the Shin Megami Tensei series. That's forgiveable though.
  2. Outside of fighting in Tartarus, you're a normal student in the real world. So go make friends and buy weapons from the police why don't ya?
  3. In the first two versions of the game (original and FES), the characters minus the main character attacks on their own. This is usually fine. Until they do stupid things like using Marin Karin. Seriously, fuck that move.

Brief Overview

Your character has arrived in the town of Iwatodai, to attend a school that's probably way more awesome than ours. There, you are witness to a hidden hour called the 'Dark Hour' at midnight that turns everything dark and bloody, monsters called 'Shadows' start to roam around, and the school turns into a base of evil (although, some schools are already bases of evil; I'm looking at you Florida). Almost everyone present during the Dark Hour gets locked away in a coffin, where they soon emerge as a beautiful butterfly. And by, 'beautiful butterfly', I mean a misreable mess that loses all will to live. The ones that aren't locked away either dies horribly, turns into a misreable mess anyway, or they become Persona users.

Persona users are people that can summon their inner selves to fight Shadows for them. They do this by pointing a fake gun at their head and shooting to release their Persona. It's okay if people around you think they're blowing their brains out. That's a natural response. Anyway, your character is a Persona user, along with several students from your dorm. This includes a girl named Yukari Takeba (who for some reason is scared about pointing a gun at her head), Junpei Iori (a crybaby found at a convenience store), Mitsuru Kirijo (if you don't think she's hot, regardless of gender, there's something wrong), and Akihiko Sanada (a guy obsessed with training who can and will punch your fucking head off). There are also several others, including a dog, because who doesn't like dogs?

Anyway, your character has the privilege of being able to use multiple Personas. He also gets to go into the Velvet Room, which is run by a creepy man with the longest nose possible and a weird girl who manages to be one of the happiest characters in the game, since things go to hell pretty fast. There, you can combine your Personas to make better ones, who are fueled by the power of friendship. I'm not shitting you.

Your character becomes leader of a group called SEES, which is made up of Persona users, and their job is to stop Shadows. Together, you all explore Tartarus, aka, the shithole your school turns into. What goes on then? Find out when you play. Seriously, go to the Playstation Network store and download it. Like, right the fuck now.

.Your average scgool.

^ Your average school. At least it's not in Florida. (Source: Also from the wiki.)

Friendship Is Magic

So, when you go fuse your Personas, you inject the power of friendship into them to give them more EXP. The relationships your Personas depend on are called 'Social Links', which are based tarot cards. You see, you must make friends to further the power of your Personas. So for the guys out there who hate people, this is not for you. Without friendship, you'll get nowhere. Not even in virtual life.

Your Social Links includes a fellow classmate who has the hots for a teacher (we've all been there, right?), an old couple who loves this tree for a reason that's probably not tragic, the fucking Gourmet King (respect his name peons!), and several others. You must remember to consistently visit your Social Links, or they'll stop loving you. And no love means no stronger monsters to punch the shit out of Shadows, so don't forget to make visits. Of course, you could rebuild your bond by visting a shrine, but that's dumb.

Unfortunately, visitng Social Links takes up an entire afternoon, and for some reason (Atlus must hate us), only a few of them can be found at night. So you must carefully schedule who you visit along with your stat building sessions. Oh yeah, and you need stat levels to access some parts of some Social Links.

Have fun with that.

^ A douchebag that can be made by fusing and friendship. Ignore the cute look. He will still Sonic Punch your ass into next week. (Source: Guess what? The wiki.)

More Persona Fun

The first two Persona games were okay. I guess. Okay, no one really cared about the Persona series until the third edition. The third entry in the series is where the Persona series really took off. Of course, it's expected for it's success to be cashed in on, so there are two other versions of Persona 3. There's Persona 3: FES, which is mainly a re-release with added content, including a new mode starring Aigis, a robot girl, some time after the end of the main story. It. Is. Brutal. So if you're throwing your controller in rage, that's a perfectly okay response. Persona 3 was also remade for the PSP, and it's a bit more stream-lined and... oh shit you can actually control your party members now! Screw you Mitsuru, and your Marin Karin! Anyway, the PSP version of the game actually allows you to play as a girl. Normally, things like this is usually cosmetic and makes the game more accesible to girls and gives guys the chance to be girls without crossdressing. However, the female path ends up changing a few Social Links, and since lesbianism apparently isn't allowed, you get to date the male characters instead of the female ones. So there you go fangirls. Oh look, you can even date a ten year old boy. Charming.

Persona's success did not end there however. A sequel that's shockingly named Persona 4 released, using new characters and settings while bringing back several old elements. This is better than Persona 3, but you should still play it anyway. At a later point in time, a remake, Persona 4: The Golden, will be released on the Playstation Vita. And that's awesome.

But what are we talking about here? Persona 4? Pumpkins? No, this is fucking Persona 3 bitch. If you want to read about Persona 4, too bad. Deal with it.