Han Shot Greedo First

'Han Shot First' not only refers to Han Solo shooting Greedo in the Cantina at Mos Espa, 'Han Shot First' sums up the anger of a generation at the only authority figure they know to direct the anger at... George Lucas.

You know the truth. Just tell it to the world.

You upset Star Wars fans. You inspire a meme.

The only shooting in American history that MAY have been discussed more.

Just The Facts

  1. Han shot first. Han shot first before it was Episode IV : A New Hope.
  2. Han Shot First when they still came after ET with guns.
  3. Han Shot First in a world in which Ronald Reagan was a hell of an idea for President.
  4. Han shot first before there was an internet to examine every frame.
  5. Han shot first before you could text "Hey, the new Han Shot First page on CRACKED sucks."
  6. Han Shot First and Chuck Norris was standing there to nod in approval.
  7. Han Shot First and he would shoot you first too,
  8. Han Shot First and would consider 'scruffy looking nerfherder' a shooting offense.
  9. Han Shot First and would shoot you if you refused to kiss a wookie.
  10. Han Shot First and not only shot Greedo first but also shot a communication station first.
  11. Han Shot First and shot at Darth Vader without even a conversation.
  12. Han should have Shot Lando First.
  13. If you don't look potentially hot in a metal bikini, Han will shoot you first.

To Review....

Anyone who saw the original Star Wars movie from the 1977 to 1997 knows one simple fact. Han Solo shot Greedo before the boring conversation was ever concluded. Han shot first. Greedo died.

You Pull Out A Gun And Shoot....

Then, in 1997, George Lucas decided that the character of Han should have a few more morals. Lucas no longer wanted two decades of evidence to stand. The 'special edition' changed it so that Greedo shot first. This makes Greedo qualified to work for Cobra or be an A-Team television series villain.