Turning "a mouse" into "mostly a mouse" is mankind's favorite way to play God. As such, mice can either save your life...or destroy civilization as we know it.

Just The Facts

  1. They can detect drugs and explosives better than dogs and X-ray machines.
  2. They've been mixed with machines, plants, and sometimes both.
  3. Pretty much everything hunts them.

Airport Security

A team of Israeli scientists trained a group of 8 mice to run to one side of a box if they detect drugs or explosives. They work in three teams and four-hour shifts, and are way more effective than trained dogs and even X-ray machines.

Combine Powers With Computers...and Plants. At The Same Time. To Save Your Life.

In 2007, a research team at Stanford put an optic cable through a mouse's brain, and then shined a blue light through it. It immediately began running counterclockwise circles, and when they turned off the light, the behavior stopped and the mouse gave no indication that it was aware that its behavior broke at least 6 different laws of nature, and will probably lead to the apocalypse.

Funny things that would happen if lights affected your behavior:

--A stoplight could actually FORCE you to stop. And go. And yield.