NFL Team Relocation

Football is not typically known for originality. This is a sport where they took decades to incorporate the forward pass. Some coaches don't even think THAT is legal. But non-originality can lead to hilarity...

In a league all about the shield...

No not that one....

No one ever said family stayed together...

Just The Facts

  1. Professional football has had a long history in the United States.
  2. Anything with a long history is bound to get a little messed up.
  3. Don't even get us started on the NBA.

Learning The Hidden Jokes in Franchise Movement...

In 1959, you had a team in the AFL known as The New York Titans.

This was all fine and dandy until 1962 when the New York Titans became the New York Jets...

Wait, you might say... there is the Tennessee Titans today. Isn't that the same thing as the New York Titans?

No, sorry. That would be incorporating way too much logic into the situation. The Titans name was adopted in 1999. The team that the Titans used to be was the Houston Oilers.

Wait again, you may say, doesn't Houston have a team? Yes, Houston now has the Houston Texans. The Texans were an awarded expansion team by the NFL in 2002.

My brain now hurts, are we done? No, we are not done. At one point, the Texans team name had already been used in professional football. There was once the Dallas Texans.

Wait! I got this one, you may say. Did the Dallas Texans go on to become the Dallas Cowboys?

You are thinking and that is absolutely adorable. However, it is grown up time now. The Dallas Texans did not become the Dallas Cowboys or the Houston Texans. In 1963, team owner Lamar Hunt moved the Texans to Kansas City where they became the Kansas City Chiefs.

But at least some franchises have always been with the same city, you may say? For instance, the Cleveland Browns are still the Cleveland Browns?

Uhhh... no. The Cleveland Browns were the Cleveland Browns until 1995 when they were moved by owner Art Modell to Baltimore and became the Baltimore Ravens.

The city of Cleveland retained ownership of the Browns record and tradition and was awarded an expansion team in 1999. That expansion team became the new Cleveland Browns which is treated for all rights and purposes at the old Cleveland Browns. This was something of a redemption for the city of Baltimore because the Colts were moved in one night to Indianapolis in 1984.

Completely unrelated subject, but why doesn't Los Angeles have a team? Well, Los Angeles did have a team.. the Rams until 1995.

But the Rams moved to St. Louis. The sort of made up for the loss of the Cardinals who moved to Arizona.

Even, the Cardinals did not actually start out in St. Louis. For decades, the Cardinals were in Chicago. Of course, Chicago now has the Bears.

In all of this, it is actually shocking that the true model of sanity is the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders started in Oakland, moved to Los Angeles, and then moved back to Oakland.

All of that clear? Good. Next, we can try and discuss the spread offense.