Metal Shakespeare Company

What happens when you take a group of metal loving English Majors and get them drunk? The single greatest thing on the internet is born. I speak, of course, of The Metal Shakespeare Company.

These guys.

Just The Facts

  1. Shakespeare is revered for his skill and ability as a playwright.
  2. He is also conventionally seen as a little boring.
  3. The Metal Shakespeare Company solves this problem.

Why They are Awesome

William Shakespeare is credited with posing some of the most existential questions in human life. Is there a dualistic nature in human life? Are words truly valuble, since they are simply spoken and the listener cannot know the speaker's intentions. Most kids subjected to the wisdom of the great bard simply ask, what the hell is he saying, and why should I care? Upon learning of this dilemma, The Metal Shakespeare Company asked a few questions of their own. How can we fix this, and how can we get laid whilst wearing tights? To find an answer to these questions, the men of The Metal Shakespeare Company turned to a simpler time in human history, a time when the greatest of men wore tights, a time when make-up was not only for women. They turned to the 1980's. The Metal Shakespeare Company donned their tights and set out to educate the people, and, presumably, to get laid.

These noble heroes combined the ridiculousness of the 1980's with the poignancy of Shakespeare to create the most productive waste of time on the internet. These men are heroes, and they deserve to be treated as such.