Dana Carvey

Dana Carvey, well known for playing Garth on Wayne's World, is a comedian and actor that some people find rather funny. We at Cracked are, as of yet, unsure about this.

This is the most attractive picture of him we could find. No, really.

Pictured: Style.

Just The Facts

  1. Dana Carvey is one of the only celebrities out there named "Dana."
  2. Carvey played Mike Myers' sidekick in Wayne's World, proving it doesn't take a lot of acting to make $120 million, the most money ever made from a movie based on a SNL skit.
  3. Master of Disguise was written by Carvey so that he could star in it along side Jennifer Esposito (and get paid to cross-dress, of course).

Dana Carvey, Master of Disguise and... not much else.

Dana Carvey seems to have made his career on a few one-liners, some presidential satire and a lot of cross-dressing. As Garth in Wayne's World, he provides classic lines such as "Good one, Shaggy," "We're scum!" and "Benjamin is nobody's friend. If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick." He also manages to get his dream girl (Donna Dixon) at the end of the film, making him the first guy ever to get his dream girl simply by dreaming about her. Well, and by staying true to himself and never losing sight of his goals, etc., etc.

On SNL, he played the prim "Church Lady" Enid Strict on Church Chat, who interviewed various celebrities (or imposters thereof) about their lives until the interview turned into a rant against the interviewee about their various sins, with the phrase "naughty pants" surfacing more than frequently. Enid Strict is a bit of an enigma, her only hobby other than damning people for all eternity and doing the "Superior Dance" being drumming, which was only ever seen once.