Justice League Politics

Meanwhile in the Hall of Justice... there must be a really spirited debate about who to vote for in 2012. Remember that we are dealing with the Justice League of America, so lets see how they might potentially vote...

Totally a 'hopey changey' type guy.

Mental illness is a type of inner pain. Why has no one else ever decided to treat it with outer pain?

Perot 1992

Just The Facts

  1. Most comic book writers and artists are traditionally left leaning in their politics.
  2. In the 1970s, there was a proposed storyline for Captain America in which the head of a villainous organization would be revealed to be Richard Nixon.
  3. Jack Kirby creating Darkseid picture a villain with Richard Nixon's politics and Jack Palance's face and demeanor.

Bruce Wayne And The Grand Old Party

I can tell you with an absolute certainty that Bruce Wayne is
what is known as a moderate Republican. He is, of course, tough on
crime but I am fairly sure that he has also argued for an abortion in
his day or so. Bruce's conservatism is not borne out of a particular
moral code but rather a sense of hatred and disgust. Think about the
people that he gets his jollies beating the living hell out of and
you will see why a little crossing of the line would make him no
different than another Republican played by Christian Bale Patrick
Bateman. Most of the people that he actually goes against are poor,
ethnic, or mentally insane. Bruce looks at the streets and see a lot
of people not like him. They are people that he cannot relate to and
one of them had the gall to interact with an unfortunately murder his
parents. Plus, he would give millions through the Wayne Foundation to
avoid a single government subsidy. I will bet you money that Batman
is against federally funded stem cell research, not because he has a
problem with scientific research but because he does not want to see
it federally funded. Batman is actually the McCain/Schwarzenegger new
face of the Republican party type. He wants all of the view points
and none of the religion traditionally associated with the right wing

Clark Kent - An Immigrant for Universal Health Care

You do not get much more on the liberal side of Kennedy
Democrats than Clark Kent. By day, he is a heroic investigative
reporter in the pavement pounding tradition of Woodward and Bernstein
and by night he is a largely symbolic caped crusader. But look at
how he does it. Superman will generally not go actively seeking crime
to stop. His primary bleeding heart focus is in saving people not
punishing criminals. He wants to minimize damage often brought on by
big business such as LexCorp. He will fly halfway across the world to
stop the flooding in Burma however will miss a hold-up generally
on his own block. Most of the villains that he stops, he is trying to
limit damage to innocents rather than stop their evil ways per se or
even in anyway solve the problem. Superman does not see the
necessity of inequality that Batman sees. He puts his home base on
the top of the Earth to witness the effects of global warming.
Superman will tell you that he is a citizen of Earth. Batman will
tell you that he is a citizen of Gotham. This is Al Gore getting a
funky high from the yellow sun. To show the difference, Bruce Wayne
would have sent a check to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.
Clark Kent would have flown down there and stayed through the crisis.
In the end, I see Bruce as very much a McCain man and I think that
being from the Midwest and having liberal values, Clark Kent would
with his heart endorse Barack Obama.

They Paved Paradise And Put Up A Red Light

People, there was never a more pure fascist in the
world than Diana. She is sent by the Amazonian state which she
believes to be all encompassing to encourage world peace through
violently putting down anyone who disrupts her model of world peace.
To quote Axel Rose, 'its funny how everything is roses when we hold
on to the guns.' It all goes to motivation with Wonder Woman. Wonder
Woman will put down a common criminal. She will not do it because the
because the offender is harming someone or because it is wrong. She
will do it because it causes disorder within the state. In additional
to incredible power, her two primary weapons involve stealth (the
invisible jet) and interrogation (the lasso of truth.) Lets take it
one step further. Wonder Woman is from an ancient kingdom and
believes that when they had control all was right with the world. As
a representative of that kingdom, she seeks to establish a particular
order and if that order is not met is willing to use whatever means
necessary to do make people peaceful. It sounds like Diana could
give a pretty good discussion of the Reichs to me. She even wears the
bracelets in show of binding devotion and symbolism to the Amazonian
State. And for the record, I did not call Diana a Nazi. I called her
a fascist. Diana would have been a Mousillini supporter.

The Last of the Kelp Heads - Arthur Curry

Lets take a look at what is known as the "Global Greens
Charter" for a moment and lets see how Arthur Curry fits in. The six
main tenets are ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory
democracy, nonviolence, sustainability, and respect for diversity.
Unless it is in his duty and function as being a member of the
Justice League, Arthur is not really concerned with crime at all. He
is only really concerned with protecting the environment and world.
To draw a line between Superman's Democrat and Curry's green.
Superman is concerned with protecting the people. Aquaman is
concerned with protecting the place. Aquaman will actually willingly
put living beings in the sea in harms way in order to protect the
greater ecology. Beyond the preservation of the environment, his
primary concern seems to be protecting the succession of his own
throne against usurpers. On that stage, he will grow rather violent.
He is also different from Superman in that he is wholly a citizen of
Planet Earth and may be its greatest defender. Ka-El is a noble
immigrant who has sworn to protect the planet that he now finds as
his home. Aquaman in essence is about as native as it gets. Aquaman
only ever is a member of the world community however in order to
highlight his cause. Believe me, you do not want to sit around and
listen to this guy at dinner for a couple hours. Superman is more of
a party man, while Aquaman is more focused on the issues. Aquaman
would vote for Ralph Nader as the best candidate in his opinion and
not even realize the politics of throwing away his vote.

And Now A Man With A Billion Dollars And A Microphone

I hand you the greatest Reform Party poster child this
side of Ross Perot. Oliver Queen is billionaire who believes that he
is above many things but also believes that if he was in control that
the world would just be a better place in stunning confirmation of
his rightness. Oliver is a walking contradiction in so many ways that
only Jesse Ventura could accurately love him. The man is a
billionaire and takes the guise of Robin Hood in robbing from the
rich and giving to the poor. Near as anyone can tell, he is in the
superhero genre out of boredom more than anything else and not having
any greater purpose than to do this for fun and out of sense of
wanting to perpetuate his own legacy. The only reason why the idea of
fighting crime ever even began to occur to him was the following. He
was washed onto a tropical island. He stole a boat to get back to
civilization from two guys who may have been everything from drug
runners to a couple of guys growing pot. Other than that, its just a fun
guy who has a didactic belief in his own rightness and seems to be
all over the political map. Though there was not a reform party back
then, the closest spiritual equivalent to Oliver Queen is John Wayne.
He takes things issue by issue, decides what he happens to think the
best way to go is and forms hodgepodge political theology based on
nothing more than what he was feeling on a particular day and the
unshakeable belief that he was right on that day. Now if only we can
find a Midwestern state for him to run and have some fun.

Goosestep... Goosestep... Good

"In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall
escape my sight. let those who worship evil's might. Beware my power,
Green Lantern's light.' Lets compare that for just a moment. It
sounds to me like the Lantern Corps would probably be the last people
to disagree with the term "Protective Squadron." Of course that can
be translated in many ways, for instance in German it readily
translates to "Schutzstaffel" or we can just go with SS for short.
You want National Socialists? I bring you the Green Lantern Corps. Oa
is a planetary citadel for blue skinned aliens who call
themselves 'Guardians of the Universe' and use the Corps as
enforcement. There is a Central Meeting Hall (SS-Hauptamt), Training
Facility (Kriminalpolizei), a hall of central records and a hall of
the dead. All of which were also part of the part of the SS as well.
They have a disgruntled former corps member who sought glory on his
own ala Rudolph Hess in Sinestro and vague defense systems whose
nature they will not share with the intergalactic community. The
symbolism of the cultish Oans as well as the Lantern Symbol itself
can easily be translated to Nazi Germany. It can be argued that they
do not share the master race theology because of all the different
species but how else do you explain the selection process to become a
Green Lantern in the first place if you are not a member of the
select or master race. Also, you have to consider whether Parallax's
methods were a denunciation or merely an extension of his Green
Lantern Corps training.