Conservapedia, "The Trustworthy Encyclopedia," is an online wiki-style encyclopedia. The creator of Conservapedia, however, decided that facts had far too much liberal bias, and created a conservative heaven,a place untainted by opposing ideas.

How it happened

A liberal's brain according to Conservapedia

Conservapedia's opinion of Richard Dawkins

Just The Facts

  1. Conservapedia runs according to the incredibly ironic Conservapedia Commandments , which tell the diverse editing population of Conservapedia that they should "not post personal opinion on an encyclopedia entry"
  2. Conservapedia loves to misquote people for their own purposes, taking a quote by Richard Dawkins out of context in their article on Conservapedia hates Wikipedia intensely, accusing them of all kinds of Liberal Bias


Conservapedia is not only a  stands against such evils as  WikipediaHollywood Values, Gun Control, Homosexual Murder, Feminism, and the "Eugenicist-founded organization" Planned Parenthood. They aim to do such things as rewrite the Bible and of course, end Liberal Bias. It was created by Andrew Schafly because he was tired of those dern lib'rals getting in and being allowed to express opinions. Essentially an echo chamber, Conservapedia is a nice, confortable place for wingnut conservatives to vent. Like a locker full of dirty socks, Conservapedia contains all sorts of nastiness that we shouldn't really disturb.