Animals are all around us, mocking us. But in Zoos, we can surround them, mocking them in their little cages filled with faux forestry.

An efficient French Zoo

An animal found at a Zoo.

A 'Zoo Keeper'

Just The Facts

  1. A zoo is where they keep animals!
  2. Animals are awesome!
  3. The zoo has a lot of different animals!
  4. Some even have different types!
  5. Chances are there's a zoo near you!


There are many different types of animals that can be found in Zoos, with the rarity of each animal varying as much as the physical appearances. Physical appearace can differ due to amounts of hair, shades of har, body shape, or gender. Here are some female animals that can be found in Zoos:

Exhibit a: Amyus Winehousis, 'Amy Winehouse'



Exhibit b:  Britneyth Spearseth, 'Britney Spears'



      Exhibit c: Courtneys Lovis, 'Courtney Love'


Exhibit d: Lindsais Lohanis, 'Lindsay Lohan'

As with most species, there are also males.  In some cases, less frightening then their female counterparts, but others, more so:

Exhibit e: Stevium Bucsemium, 'Steve Buscemi'

Exhibit f: Garyium Buseyium, 'Gary Busey'

Exhibit g: Robertus Pattinsonson, 'Robert Pattinson'

Exhibit h: Carrotius Topus, 'Carrot Top'


A common misconception these days is what truly are animals and what aren't.  These are some examples of what people believe to be animals, but aren't, yet for some retarded reason can still be seen in zoos.


To put it in fancy-speak, or jargon, A zoological garden, zoological park, menagerie, or zoo is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred.

To put it in layman's terms, A Zoo is where stinky, filthy animals live, kept away from society, yet can still be watched with a careful eye.

Many of the animals in Zoos are endangered, because the animals took their sweet time getting there, and most of their kind were killed attempting to get off the land of the awesome (read: us).

Most Zoos take their animals from the wild, though some have perverse breeding programs where the scientists attempt ot get the animals to reproduce.

The following is an animal once caught in the wild:


Animalariums or as their properly known Animalari, as is there correct plural authough its never heard because there is only one of them, are a speshaly type of zoo only found in filthy stinking rich areas. In these Zoos the animals are all kept in tanks of water and given breathing equiptment so they can survive.

As Zoos are to land animals, Animalariums are to aquatic animals, or stupid animals who evolved to survive in the sea.

This is the most commonly found animal in an Animalarium:

Joanius Riverium, 'Joan Rivers'.

Long lost relative of Garyium Buseyium.