Stewie Griffin

Stuart Gilligan Griffin is a character in the Fox Television series Family Guy. He is bent on world domination as well as killing his own mother Lois. Stewie has also become a pop culture icon whose sexuality is debated even on the show.

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Just The Facts

  1. Stewie Griffin is one of many Family Guy characters voiced by Seth McFarlane.
  2. Stewie's voice and personality are modeled after late actor Rex Harrison.
  3. Stewie is bent on the killing of his mother Lois as well as a secondary goal of world domination.
  4. Stewie Griffin has become a pop culture icon on shirts, mugs, dolls, and other paraphenalia.
  5. There are many references to Stewie's possible homosexuality or at the very least bisexuality.
  6. It appears to be a matter of conviences as to whether the Family can hear Stewie's speaking voice. Stewie is always heard and understood by Brian the talking dog.
  7. In the Star Wars inspired parodies, Stewie was cast in the role of Darth Vader.
  8. A Macy's Day Parade Float of Stewie Griffin was seen doing battle with an Underdog Macy's Day parade float for a float of a Coca-Cola bottle. Eventually, the bottle was won by a waiting float of Charlie Brown.
  9. In 2005, Stewie was the star of the direct to DVD movie "Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story." The actual show was not airing on Fox at that time but had received a cult following through DVD season sales as well as rebroadcasts on Cartoon Network's adult Swim block.

"Victory is Mine!!!" (Stewie in Season One 1999)

Episode 1 - "Death Has A shadow" - Stewie attempts to kill Lois with a crossbow. Stewie is revealed to have a mind control device which tricks a judge into letting Peter go so he doesn't have to face getting used to a new family.

Episode 2 - "I Never Met The Dead Man" - Stewie uses a sattelite dish that Peter destroyed while teaching a Meg a driving lesson to create a "weather machine." The purpose of the "weather machine" is to destroy all broccoli by cold so that he does not have to clean his plate. The use of the weather machine does nothing to the broccoli but manages to put his father in a full body cast and kill William Shatner.

Episode 3 - "Chitty Chitty Death Bang" - Stewie is established as being near one and has a birthday coming up. In his confusion, Stewie believes the "Man In White" to be coming to put him back into the womb. Meanwhile, Meg falls in with a cult and when the leader comes after her (based upon Marshall Applewhite and the Heaven's Gate Halle Bopp cult), Stewie incenerates this "Man in White" with a laser. It is Stewie's first recorded murder. Stewie is also revealed to have the ability to freeze a person in "carbonite."

Episode 4 - "Mind Over Murder" - In order to stop the pain of teething, Stewie invents a time machine to move time forward to get past teething. Stewie saves his family when Peter shows off his plans to his downstairs bar. Stewie is also revealed to have his firest taste of alcohol in this episode. Ultimately, Stewie will restore time by going backwards to prevent the time machine plans from becoming public. This also prevents a fire from burning down the entire house. Stewie will revisit time travel later though.

Episode 5 - "A Hero Sits Next Door" - Stewie is fascinated by neighbor Joe Swanson's wheelchair. His attempts to unlock the "power of the wheelchair" are thwarted however by his love of pacifers that make him fall asleep. The is not the last time being a baby limits stewie's domination schemes.

Episode 6 - "The Son Also Draws" - After Peter and Chris go on a Native American "vision quest" to determine Chris does not need to be a scout, Stewie shows a knowledge of how stereotypes are wrong in the final minutes.

Episode 7 - "Brian: Portrait of a Dog" - Stewie is revealed to have a Dr. Smith / Robot type relationship with Brian. Stewie shares a rare moment of kindness towards Brian after Brian is not put down by the city council of Quahog.

"I don't see what all these woman are complaining about..." (Season 2, 1999-2000)

Episode 8 - "Peter, Peter Caviar Eater" - Stewie is revealed to have rich relatives by way of Lois' family. Once given money and status, Stewie dicusses the future of the markets in South Asia with other notable wealthy men. He also commands two butlers to 'fight to the death." against the theme that Kirk and Spock fought to in the episode "Amok Time."

Episode 9 - "Holy Crap" - Stewie has his first recorded encounter with the man believed to be his grandfather Francis Griffin. Stewie expresses a fascination and affinity for the Judeo-Christian God of the old Testament. He admires a God willing to punish his creation as well as the displays of omnipotence. As Stewie points out "Omnipotence...gotta get me some of that.."

Episode 10 - "Da Bomb" - In what is determined to be a "Dallas" style dream sequence (complete with Patrick Duffy and Victoria Principle), Stewie is infected by toxic waste after a Y2k Holocaust. The waste turns Stewie into an octopus creature capable of asexual reproduction. The Stewi-i then over run the settlement of New Quahog while the Griffin family escapes. The town was in the process of destroying the guns that could have protected them from the coming menace of the Stewi-i.

Episode 11 - "Brian in Love" - Brian and Stewie's rivalry takes a new level when Stewie is accused of wetting the floor. Stewie reveals his dislike and mistrusts of toilets as well as potty training (which is a running theme). When Brian is revealed to be the source of the urination, Stewie refers to him as "Puddles."

Episode 12 - "Love Thy Trophy" - When Meg needs money to buy a Prada bag to join the popular kids crowd, Stewie plays along to feed his addiction to the pancakes made by "Flappy." For his trouble, Stewie is put into Child Protective Services for being a crack addicted baby. Stewie's new adoptive family has adopted several different nationalities of babies. Stewie then uses his knowledge of stereotypes to turn the other babies against each other. When Peter comes to rescue Stewie, Stewie shows that he again would prefer to be with his own family by shouting "Oh Hosanna, its the lesser of two evils..." In the style of "The Gift of the Magi," Meg gives the Prada bag to Stewie's foster family to secure his release to home.

Episode 13 - "Death is a Bitch" - When Peter tries to screw his HMO out of a medical bill by claiming death, Death incarnate visits the Griffin home. Stewie reveals himself to be a "thanophile" or lover of death. It is also revealed that Stewie's email address is "loismustdie alloneword at" However, when Death is not able to function due to injury, Stewie discovers that he cannot kill Lois. When Death is restored, Stewie has to say good-bye to his new friend.

Episode 14 - "The King is Dead" - When Lois becomes director of the Quahog players, Stewie reveals (what will become a later re-occurring theme in a love of the theater.) Stewie tries out for a role in Lois' and eventually Peter's production of "The King and I" by first attempting Shakespeare but then is asked by Lois to perform "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Claiming that he will not be reduced to "mere Mother Gooseries" Stewie then acquieses to play "Siamese Twins." Stewie also claims to quote first lady of the stage Helen Hayes by saying "I'm going to...kill you."

Episode 15 - "I am Peter, Hear Me Roar" - After Peter goes through sensitivuty training at an all female retreat, Peter has something of a gender identity disorder. During this period, Stewie is horrified when Peter attempts to breast feed him.

Episode 16 - "If I'm Dyin, I'm Lyin" - After Peter claims a healing ability, God himself intervenes. Stewie is overjoyed at being able to live out an Old Testament plague when his bathwater turns into blood. Stewie is again shown to have an affinity with the old testament deity.

Episode 17 - "Running Mates" - Seth McFarlane has stated that his voice for Stewie Griffin is an imitation of Rex Harrison. As such, one of the first references in the series to a Rex Harrison role comes in "Running Mate." As Lois and Peter square off against each other for the position of head of the Board of Education, Stewie starts to realize that he actually misses having Lois around. This is one of the first softenings of Stewie's matricidal tendencies. He then sings a rendition of "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" which was done by Rex Harrison in his portrayal of Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady (1964).

Episode 18 - "A Picture is Worth A 1,000 Bucks" - Stewie again shows his flair for the stage and the spotlight when Chris' artistic career in New York City ends. Stewie is seen by "heterosexual fashion designer" Calvin Klein and cast as the new face and ass of Klein's new designer diaper series. Mocking ads made for Klein by Brooke Shields, Stewie appears in a billboard saying "nothing comes between me and my Calvins."

Episode 19 - "Fifteen Minutes of Shame" - Stewie is thrust into the reality spotlight after his family signs a contract to have all of thier lives viewed on national television. Eventually, all of the family members are "re-cast" with Stewie being replaced by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. As they are forced to live in a hotel to serve out the reality contract, Stewie alters Meg's online diary to read "I WANT TO KILL THEM ALL!!!"

Episode 20 - "Road to Rhode Island" - This is the first of the "Road" episodes featuring Brian and Stewie as a team on the road to a destination ala Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Stewie is supposed to come back from his grandparent's vacation home in Palm Springs California. Stewie accuses a waitress of stealing and Brian ends up drunk. Brian has lost the plane tickets so they have to take to the road to get back to Quahog, Rhode Island. After Brian's credit card is blocked, Stewie and Brian hotwire a car before stealing a crop duster. It is revealed that Brian is from Austin, Texas and visits the farm where he was a puppy. Stewie and Brian steal Brian's taxidermized mother (who is being used as a table) and give her a proper burial. Stewie once again invokes the old testament in his eulogy giving a partial retelling of the story of Abraham being ordered to kill Isaac. Finally, they hobo onto a train where they sing the "Road to Rhode Island" song which has an early view of Stewie cross dressing. To date, there are six "Road to.." episodes.

Episode 21 - "Lets Go To The Hop" - Stewie is largely not a plot point in the immortal episode about the dangers of toad licking. It is implied that Peter and Lois' Dominant (Lois) / submissive (Peter) relationship may have led to Stewie's conception. The safety word is 'bannanas.'

Episode 22 - "Dammit Janet!" - Stewie is put into day care after Lois seeks adventure with a job as an airline stewardess. Stewie falls for a girl named Janet in his first identifiable crush of the series. Stewie is portrayed as generally dismissive of other toddlers. He has built a trap for the pit of lost children. Stewie also displays a fondness for nineteenth century Europen thrillers. Stewie's crush on Janet is discovered to only be reciprocated when he gives her cookies. His heart breaks as he tells Janet to leave him alone and that the "bakery is closed."

Episode 23 - "There's Something About Paulie" - Stewie is largely not a central figure in this episode. Indirectly, had the Mafia succeeded in killing Lois, Stewie may have sought retaliation as he would against later would be Lois killers.

Episode 24 - "He's Too Sexy For His Fat" - Stewie demonstrates his inventiveness early on by moving around in an inner tube using only the power of his flatuence. As Chris tries to lose weight and Peter becomes surgically man-beautiful, Stewie starts to over eat. The interesting aspect of this episode is the implication that Griffin male stupidity is tied to thier pre-dillection to obesity. To the point, the more of a "Buddha Belly" Stewie achieves, the more dull witted he becomes. Stewie then becomes like his father and brother. At one point in the episode, he orders an ice cream cone to "get in my mouth, you stupid." Of course, at the end of the episode, Stewie is once again in his normal form and all intelligence has been restored.

Episode 25 - "E. Peterbus Unum" - When Peter is allowed to secede from the United States and form Petoria due to a pool zoning dispute, Stewie overcomes his advisory role in the new nation as "President of Poopy" and arranges a pool party with leaders of Iraq, North Korea, and other nations hostile to the United States. When the historical video is shown to students 200 years in the future, it is questioned for the first time in the shows history on air whether the rest of the family can hear him or not.

Episode 26 - "The Story on Page One" - During a trip to Brian's alma mater Brown university, Stewie is not allowed to enter a physics lab because he is too young and too small. Apparently, physics students are also horrible liars because the lab also contains sodium pentathol (also known as truth serum.) Stewie then creates a mind control devices and chooses to control Chris because of his weak brain in order to kill Lois. This backfires when a microwave oven shorts the device. Chris is seen trying to attack Stewie with an ax. Stewie responds by trying to kill Chris with a hand held laser. Finally Stewie eludes his brother by dressing in a trench coat and sunglasses to point Chris in the wrong direction. Chris does not make another attempt showing the mind control effects to be short lived without direction.

Episode 27 - "Wasted Talent" - Stewie is a minor character in this episode about Peter discovering his piano playing abilities while inebriated with alcohol. The best stewie shot in the episode comes in the end credits when stewie is shown hitchiking while the theme from the Incredible Hulk television show plays in the background.

Episode 28 "Fore Father" - Stewie and Brian's rivalry takes new heights as Lois suggests a day of spring cleaning. Stewie finds Brian's collection of rare books and uses them to make paper mache figures of the houseboat from Surfside 6 as well as the fort from F troop. Brian takes revenge on Stewie by convincing him that vaccinations are actually a form of mind control Lois is attempting to use to control him. Fearing for his life, Stewie gets legitimately sick and suffers from uncontrolable hallucinations. Among these are an apparition of Stewie climbing on the ceiling with his neck turning around and an army of birds with the head of 80's actor Mr. T. stewie has no ill effects by the next episode.

"I will be ..... nice." (Season 3, 2001 - 2003)

Episode 29 - "The Thin White Line" - After Brian's abilities to scent almost anything with unerring accuracy are discovered. Brian is hired by the Quahog police force to become a drug sniffing dog. This leads to Brian becoming addicted to drugs and deciding to run away to 'find himself' after an intervention. Stewie is the lone one who runs after Brian. However, Stewie merely spits on his face before Brian goes away in the taxi.

Episode 30 - "Brian Does HollyWood" - After an exciting opening sequence teasing that the previous episode of Family Guy was action oriented for anyone who missed it, Peter reads a note stating "Brian's gone to Hollywood to find himself." It is revealed that Brian is now living with his gay cousin Jasper (and is doing menial jobs such as washing cars and being a waiter while trying to break into screenwriting and directing.) Jasper introduces Brian to a 'producer' that gets Brian into directing porn. Stewie helps the family get to Hollywood by successfully auditioning for the show Kids Say the Darndest Things starring Bill Cosby. Stewie wants to use the oppurtunity to unleash his new 'mass hypnosis' device on the world. At the very least, he wants to unleash the mass hynosis device on everyone watching that particular episode of Kids Say The Darndest Things. Brian dismisses Stewie's television debut while ashamed of his own role in the adult film industry. Stewie's plan goes awry when Bill Cosby takes Stewie's hyno glasses and uses then unwittingly on Stewie. stewie then talks about how "Ghost Dad" was the greatest movie since "Leonard Part Six" and that he "likes pudding." the whole family is seen flying on aplane back together at the end with a bound, gagged, and kidnappen Jenna Jameson.

Episode 31 - "Mr. Griffin Goes To Washington" - Peter is promoted to President after the El Dorado cigarette company buys the toy factory Peter works at. Put in as a figurehead, Peter gets a lobbying assignment for the tobacco giant in which Peter almost achieves great success. However, along the way Stewie is influenced by the job and becomes addicted to cigarettes. At one point, Stewie proclaims "baby needs to suck ash... baby needs to suck ash..." Peter sees this and turns against his company and the tobacco industry in front of Congress. Peter proclaims that "smoking under the age of four is wrong." and the El Dorado Cigarette company is fined out of existence.

Epsiode 32 - "One if By Clam, Two if by Sea" - Stewie returns to his Rex Harrison roots in this story of a British neighbor taking over Peter's local hangout and bar "The Drunken Clam." the Clam is turned into a British pub. The British Neighbor has a daughter named Eliza. Stewie bets Brian he can turn Eliza's gutteral English speech into that of a proper young lady. In tutoring Eliza, Stewie directly channels Rex Harrison's Henry Higgins in both songs as well as mannerisms. Stewie is ultimately unsuccessful after Eliza farts as her own birthday party. Nigel is discovered by Lois to have perpetuated insurance fraud by burning down his own pub. Peter and his friends were blamed for the crime. Nigel is inexplicably hanged at the Tower of London for the crime. Eliza is then put into an English orphanage. Eliza writes to Stewie that her life goal is now to "kill Lois." Stewie is pleased. The revelation is also made that Stewie is friendly with a friebreathing amphropormophic talking insect.

Episode 33 - "And the Weiner is..." - When Meg tries to elevate her popularity as school, Stewie notably remarks that he knows "What cool is..." As a demonstration of "Cool," Stewie sings the Elton John song 'Rocket Man' ala the performance by William Shatner at the 1978 Science Fiction Awards.

Episode 34 - "Death Lives" - Most of the episode is centered around Peter and Death attempting to repair Lois and Peter's first meeting. as such, Stewie is not really involved in the episode. Much of the episode takes place before Stewie was born. there is a single shot of Stewie and Chris reading an Archie comic.

Episode 35 - "Leathal Weapons" - After Lois takes karate classes as a method of self empowerment, Peter finds that he is no longer comfortable with her heightened ability to kick ass. After Lois takes forceful sexual advantage of Peter, Peter wakes up the next morning broken as a man. While eating Stewie's graham crackers, stewie whacks his dad with a baseball bat. This leads to Stewie going to counseling for anger management. After the counseling sessions are a disaster, the entire family breaks down into a kung fu fight as home over Lois' attempt to have everyone have a 'multicultural moment.' The fight briefly ceases but starts again after Stewie breaks a chair over Lois' head. Finally, they are all beaten up and breakdown in a family moment.

Episode 36 - "The Kiss Seen Round the World" - In this episode, Stewie is given a tricycle which he refers to as his "tri-kie." The tryke is stolen by a bully. Stewie fights back against the bully and captures him in a net. Stewie states that the bully has a lot of "inner pain" which needs to be dealt with - with a healthy dose of "outer pain." Lois finds Stewie torturing the Bully in the basement. Stewie responds that they are merely playing "House...Roman Polanski's House." Lois finds the tryke and Stewie lets the Bully go. Presumably, the Bully is only psychologically and somewhat physcially harmed.

Episode 37 - "Mr. Saturday Knight" - The episode centers around the death of Peter's boss Mr. Weed. Peter attempts to break into the world of Rennesaince fair jousting. Stewie does not feature prominently in the episode other than to attempt to cheer up Peter while watching the other jousters joust. Stewie is also part of th family that serves as inspiration for Peter to stand up to the Black Knight.

Episode 38 - "A Fish Out Of Water" - When Peter takes out a questionable loan, he has to search for a legendary fish in order to get 50,000 to payback the loan. while Meg and Lois are on Spring Break, a new couple moves into the Griffin house. Though Peter does recover the money, Stewie seems to like the new couple Jim and Abby better than his parents.

Episode 39 - "Emission Impossible" - When Lois and Peter decide to attempt to have a new baby, Stewie swings into action to protect his place in the family. First, he attempts to sabotage his parents marriage by kissing Peter's shirts with Lois' lipstick. Stewie is caught by Lois. Brian insinuates that stewie's lipstick wearing means that "the evidence is really piling up." Stewie then creates a robot of Peter in order to turn off Lois by insulting her. Eventually, the robot crashes out of a window leading to Stewie emerging from the robot. Cleveland sees the emergence and is clearly confused. Stewie the reminisces back to sperm school and testicular boot camp. In a Star wars inspired scene, Stewie shows how he beat the other sperm into unity with Lois' egg. This cause him to grow and go through his 'imprisonment.' Deciding to attack Peter's sperm, Stewie reveals that he not only has a 'spaceship' but also a shrink ray. Stewie then encounters an unborn sperm known as Bertram (voiced by Wallace Shawn.) Joined together by mutual hatred of Lois, Stewie decides that Bertram needs to be born. Peter and Lois do not have sex and Stewie barely escapes with Bertram's help. Even though Peter masturbates most of his sperm, Bertram is revealed to have survived the ejaculation at the end.

Episode 40 - "To live and Die In Dixie" - After Chris helps to put away a criminal who swears revenge, the Griffin family is put into witness protection and relocated to the "deep south." stewie discovers, much to his pleasant surprise that he is actually a fan of banjo music. During thier exile, Stewie organizes a banjo string band and sings the song "My Fat Baby." The lyrics are

Warm out today
Warm yesterday
Even warmer today

Met her on my CB
Said her name was Mimi
Sounded like an angel come to Earth
But when I went to meet her
Man you shoulda seen her
Twice as tall as me three times the girth

Oh my fat baby loves to eat
A big ol' Budda belly and
Her breasts swing past her feet
My fat baby loves to ea-eat
My big ol' fatass baby loves to eat


The final "blisters on me fingers" is actually a reference to the studio ending of the recording of the Beatles 'Helter Skelter.' Eventually, the family makes it back to Quahog after the escaped prisoner is shot dead and dumped into a river.

Episode 41 - "Screwed The Pooch" - Even though the storyline does center around Stewie's sometimes nemesis Brian - stewie does not factor prominently into the episode.

Episode 42 - "Peter Griffin, Father, Husband ... Brother?" - In stewie's continued attempts to understand the dynamic of controlling a crowd, he takes an interest in the activity of cheerleading seeing how the masses seem to blindly follow along with thier cheers. Stewie first infiltrates the team as sort of a mascot. In order to experience the control himself, he kidnaps the head cheerleader Cindi and dresses as her. This is one of many examples of Stewie cross dressing. as he is leading the cheer, the human pyramid underneath him collapses. He admits that Cindi was right and the squad "needs a lot of work." He does not really revisit the theme of cheerleading as mind control again. Cindi is later discovered by Quagmire who is a known sex hound. Quagmire responds with "jackpot." Stewie also refers to vaginas as "gummy holes."

Episode 43 - "Ready, Willing, and Disabled" - The main plot of the story deals with Joe losing confidence because he cannot track down a thief. Peter trains Joe for the Special Olympics. Stewie, Meg and Chris find a money clip and allow Brian to hold onto it. Eventually, the greed for the money shows and the children fight over the money... several times. When the money clips 'original owner' owner shows up - but is the thief. Joe captures the crook regaining his confidence. Of course, it is also revealed that the thief's spine is severed and did not survive. Also (possibly through time travel) , Stewie is shown perpetuating the evil of introducing John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Episode 44 - "A Very special Family Guy grekin' Christmas" = Stewie is worried about the methods of Santa Claus whom he refers throughout the Episode as Klaus. To this end, he suspects Klaus of having a constant survlielence method which Stewie attempts to overcome. However, if the reward for being 'nice' is pultonium, then Stewie will sacrifice natural evil for a season. To this end, Stewie agrees to be a baby Jesus in the local production of the Nativity scene. After a house fire and a lack of paper towels sets Lois off on a rage, Stewie does his best to give a Linus-esque speech to calm her down. Of course, Stewie does not seem to have as good a command of the New Testament as the old (a little surprising given his family's Catholicism). Lois is distracted long enough to be shot down with tranquilzers from the town tree. In one of the last scenes, Stewie is shown holding a green glowing vial of plutonium as a gift from ... Klaus.

Episode 45 - "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows" - Peter grows a beard which contains an endangered species of bird. Brian is arrested for drunk driving and forced to do an elderly outreach program as community service. While a wonderful Family Guy episode, Stewie does not feature prominently in the episode.

Episode 46 - "From Method to Madness" - After Brian has a failed audition, Stewie defends him and winds up in a performing arts class for kids. In the class is a contentious little girl named Olivia. Olivia is talented but does not work well with others. Stewie is not as talented but orchestrates a scheme for them to perform a duet. Eventually, they have a series of successfull engagements before thier duet degenerates into a fighting scene out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Stewie lapses into a state of madness and Olivia goes on to greater success. Olivia visits Stewie near the end where Stewie claims to have a guest shot upcoming on The Gilmore Girls. "He's a bad boy but there's some good there.. andit shows through..absolutely..." Finally, Brian visits Stewie in an asylum. With the help of a tuning fork, Stewie realizes that he had been flat all along.

Episode 47 - "stuck Together, torn Apart" - While in a warehouse club that the Griffins have recently joined, Brian is entrusted to look after Stewie. Brian wants to be more trusted, but Stewie and Brian end up holding hands stuck together by a super glued substance. It is revealed at this point that Brian has pictures of Stewie wearing Lois' wedding dress as blackmail material. They decide to not tell. Brian endures several indignity such as having to stand around and watch Stewie's ass get wiped. He tries to get Brian to say the word "dooty." Stewie also almost gets Brian arrested as child molester but it is revealed that the cops stopping them are also stuck together in a similiar manner. There is a solvent, but it takes a week to get there. Once the solvent arrives, it takes an hour to take effect. During that hour, Brian and Stewie come across a girl (who turns out to be the wife of a midget) stuck in a well. It is noted that you don't often see seventeenth century wells in suburbs. Be all that as it may, Brian and Stewie save the girl. This is after stewie channels his inner Hannibal Lechter saying "it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" in a reference to Silence of the Lambs. They are then freed of being stuck together but Brian and Stewie decide to hold hands while walking home together.

Episode 48 - "Road To Europe" - Stewie is a huge fan of the children's show Jolly Farm Revue. He does not want the show interrupted and kicks Brian between the legs as a retort for being critical of the show. While Lois and Peter are off to KISSTOCK, Stewie decides to run away to live on the Jolly Farm. Stewie's letter mostly involves leaving but also has an extended discussion of whether or not to take a sweater. Brian tracks Stewie down but instead of going to London, Brian and Stewie end up in the Middle East and have to make it across the continent to London. In an opening song, Brian again accuses Stewie of being a homosexual by ending up with a rough trick. After a hot air balloon trip to the Vatican, Brian and Stewie wind up in Amsterdam high off of What seems to be obvious marijuana fumes. When they finally reach the set of Jolly Farm, stewie discover that Jolly Farm's star Mother Maggie is just a jaded actress who hates children. The Jolly Farm is just a set. The magical tome that contains every story ever known is filled with nothing but drawings. Many of them are insinuated to be pornographic in nature of Mother Maggie herself. Disenchanted but wiser, Stewie agrees to go home. This is presumably after taking a dump in Mother Maggie's slippers.

Episode 49 - "Family Guy Viewer Mail 1" - In a supposed attempt to allow viewers to determine Family Guy plotlines, the episode Viewer Mail is hosted by Brian and Stewie. This was the last aired episode before the orginal series' cancellation. Episode 50 (When You wish Upon a Weinstein) was first available as a bonus feature on the DVD collection as well as being aired on Cartoon's Network's Adult Swim. Though, lyrics were changed in Peter's songs on the adult swim version. The first segment of Viewer Mail "No Bones about It" features Peter receiving wishes from a Genie. In order to not get beaten up, Peter wishes his third wish to not have any bones. Peter becomes a living amorphous blob. Stewie later donates part of his skull to allow Peter to have bones again. Segment two is the Super Griffins in which Stewie receiving telekentic powers and even more enhanced intelligence due to toxis waste. They learn to control thier powers after Mayor Adam West contracts cancer trying to roll around in toxic waste in an attempt to stop the lower middle class Irish Family.

Cancellation and Movie Stardom

After Family Guy's initial cancellation, Stewie went on to greater fame than he had initially received on the show and in re-reuns. The DVD sales of the original series episodes were a boon and teh re-rus aired on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. There was an outcry from fandom for the series to start up again. Since Family Guy was a cartoon, there was no need to rebuild the sets. Initially, Fox decided to test the waters with a direct to DVD release entitled "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story>" In this movie, Stewie's life is revealed to be changed by a pool accident which leads to a horrible future for Stewie. Stewie finds out that he will grow up to be Stu. Stu is a sad lonely man who maintains an aparment with Stewie's pet teddy bear Rupert. Desperate to avoid this fate, Stewie travels in time to kill Chris' future wife Vanessa. Vanessa appears to be responsible for much of what goes awry in Stewie's life. It is not yet determined whether this act will in fact result in Stewie becoming the leader of the world.

In later seasons of the show, Stewie also starred in the Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy. The first effort was called Blue Harvest (which was the code name given to the production of Return of the Jedi so that people would not know a Star Wars movie was being made) . The second was a parody of The Empire Strikes Back which was called Something, Something, Something...Dark Side... The third parody of Return of the Jedi was titled Its A Trap...which is a take off of a famous line from Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi. Stewie was the only Griffin to take up the side of the Empire. Stewie played Darth Vader. in a difference from the original trilogy, Stewie does not die of natural causes but has his neck broken when Chris' Luke attempts to remove Stewie's Darth Vader Helmet. Stewie, in many ways appears to not only be parodying Darth Vader, but also Rick Moranis Dark Helmet from the Spaceballs movie. All three of these Family Guy Star Wars parodies start with electricity going out and Peter telling the story. There appear to be no plans to parody Episodes I, II, or III.

Stewie has also been a breakout cultural phenomennon. Stewie has appeared in an episode of Bones as a delusion. A Macy's Day parade balloon of Stewie was also made to do battle with a balloon of Underdog for a coke in a Super Bowl commercial. Fittingly, the prize ended up going to Charlie Brown. Stewie is quoted often in soundwave files on the internet and has become ubiquitous in appearances on T-Shirts

Later Nofable Episodes...

After the initial series run, Family Guy went on to have 130 additional episodes as of this writing. Admittedly, I was in a crowd that memorized the earlier seasons and have been somewhat ambivelant to the later ones. There are some very notable ones that stand out though.

In patricular, here are a few

Episode 70 - "Patriot Games" - In this episode, Brian loses a bet to Stewie in the amount of fifty bucks. Stewie eventually starts to tell Brian to pay up. Stewie insinuates that bad things will happen to Brian should there not be a payment. Eventually, Stewie sets Brian on fire, and pummels him with glass among other tortures. The famous catchphrase from the episode that was born was "Where's My Money, Bitch!!!" The clips went on to become a much repeated and well received youtube sensation. Eventually, after paying, Brian pushes Stewie in front of a bus in London as a repayment for the harsh treatment.

Episode 100 / 101 - Stewie Kills Lois - Lois Kills Stewie - Eventually, even to the shows creators, the theme of Stewie being a homicidal maniac bent on killing his mother seemed played out. The episode where the final conflict took place involved Stewie murdering Lois by pushing her off a cruise liner. Lois was saved by a mer-man and comes back to wreak revenge on Stewie a year later..after Stewie has taken over the world.

Additional Road Escapades - There were four additional "Road to..." episodes. There was episode 89 "Road To Rupert," episode 113 "Road To Germany," episode 127 "Road to The Multiverse," and Episode 154 "Road to the North Pole." Road to the Multiverse is wonderfully trippy on how it shows the Family Guy set interacting with different types of c artoon characters. Road To Germany was controversial at the time for taking place in Nazi Germany as well as showing McCain / Palin campaign button.

Episode 90 - "Peter's Two Dads" - This was a wonderful Stewie episode in which Stewie realizes that he liked to be spanked. As a matter of fact, he also realizes that he enjoys seemingly all types of torture. Stewie even has an extended fanstasy of being a pain slut for his own mother on the rack. Stewie has increasingly 'bad behavior' to receive physical punishement before finally realizing that he does have a problem.

Episode 115 - "The Man With Two Brians" - Another talking dog is introduced into the mix because Brian is getting older. Brian does not like the new dog but everyone else seems to. Normally, Stewie would not have a problem with Brian's discomfort but the new dog reveals that he has spent time violating Stewie's pet teddy bear Rupert. The next scene shows Stewie dragging a trash bag leaking with blood. There is a "Suicide Note" that explains the new dog cut himself into small pieces and threw himself away. The episode ends with Lois commenting that he must have really had some demons.

Episode 148 - "And Then There Were Fewer" - The opening of season nine of the Family Guy takes places in an old fashioned murder type mystery in which a mysterious assailant is killing lesser Family Guy cast members... and well James Woods. After multiple murders, reporter Tom Tucker is framed as the lead suspect but the actual murderer is revealed to be news reporter Diane Simmons. Simmons explains it was all a revenge plot. Lois ifigures it all out and is nearly killed by Simmons. At the last second, Simmons is shot by a sniper rifle. Lois' ironic savior? Stewie Griffin. A reflective Stewie states that "if anyone is going to take down that bitch, its going to be me."

Episode 163 - "The Big Bang Theory" - Initially Bertram would return in episode 72 'Sibling Rivalry,' this is where it was revealed that Bertram had indeed made it out of the womb as the son of a 'gym teacher.' His plot to destroy Stewie would almost come to fruition in the Big Bang Theory though. Bertram attempted to and was successfull in killing Leonardo Davinci revealed to be Stewie but not Bertram's ancestor.) However, since Stewie and Brian had caused the Big Bang - all reality was destroyed by Stewies death. So Stewie stayed back in time and impregnated Davinci's girlfriend. Not by having sex with her apparently but injecting her with DNA. Stewie then had himself cryogenically frozen until the present where Brian dug him up after being alerted by the Vatican. The Back to the Future mail from the past was also used at the end of Something, Something, Something Something Dark Side where Chris' Luke Skywalker was informed that Doc Brown was still alive. The universe was saved but Bertram lurks out there somewhere waiting for another oppurtunity.

The Gay Question

There are several hints to Stewie Griffin's ambigious sexuality throughout the series. Griffin dons women's clothing...often. He also won a beauty pageant as Stephanie. There is an implied alter ego of Desiree that Stewie went on a date with Brian as. During the date, "Desiree" was recognized by several nearby men. There is a scene where Stewie is dancing in an obvious gay bar and says "I know the guy that runs this place." According to an interview with Seth MacFarlane in the Advocate magazine...

"He originally began as a diabolical villain, but then we delved into the idea of his confused sexuality. We all feel that Stewie is almost certainly gay, and he's in the process of figuring it out for himself. We haven't ever really locked into it because we get a lot of good jokes from both sides, but we treat him oftentimes as if we were writing a gay character."
-Seth MacFarlane, "Big Gay Following", The Advocate interview
Apparently. there was a fully scripted episode in which Stewie responded to teasing by coming out and going back in time to alter a verse in Leviticus.
The plan was later scrapped but clues and hints to Stewie having an eventual homosexuality have been apparent through the entire series.