Yanni is a "musician" from Greece. He appeals to old people, the deaf, and mormons

someone told me that he was asian.

this is exactly what I experianced. Almost more unicorns

This is a serious artist.

Just The Facts

  1. he plays the piano
  2. he sucks ASS
  3. he has an extremly thick accent that no one can understand


You're probably wondering why I know so much about Yanni. I do Because i was FORCED to go to one of the concerts by my freinds mom who thought it be "a great idea to get these to lazy ass teenagers out of the house for five hours." And the best part was it wasnt a concert Ohohoh! IT was a soundcheck. Yes thats right a soundcheck you had to fill out a survey to get the tickets. You also had to listen to the ramblings of a mad man for two hours. It was called a question and answering session it was none of that. You would ask Yanni how he was inspired to play the piano hed go off about cows. Oh did I mention the dolphins and singers? I didnt. You see during the soundcheck there was these people who were "singing" and behind them was a large green screen that showed pictures of dolphins and sunflowers mostly stuff you would see coming out of an lsd trip or a lisa frank trapper keeper. It was awful. If you ever hv a chance to go. Go but be prepared to hear the most saddest excuse for music i ever heard. I had to listen to Hannah Montana to bring me back. Oh yeah i also had to write A THANK YOU letter to him i almost made it a huge cuss out letter but i changed my mind.