Duck Lips

Duck Lips is the face that every drunken woman makes at the bar thinking she looks sexy when she in fact looks like a moron.

Not even straight vodka and a blindfold could help this one.

Poor guy. His entire species is associated with this stupidity


Just The Facts

  1. Duck Lips was a term invented by someone who hates ducks. As it is a huge insult to the duck.
  2. There is no excuse for making this face in any picture. Because you were drunk does not fly with anyone.
  3. It is a complusion the more you do it the more you want to. I am doing it sitting at this computer. I bet you are doing it while reading about it as well. Just dont take a picture of it.

Woman at the Bar A Duck Lips Tale Part 1

Opening scene. Marginally attractive woman stands at the bar ordering third Jack and Diet.

Okay, okay, okay. I can do this. I can have a one night stand. It doesnt matter what the nuns beat into me daily. One night stands are not dirty. I am attractive I mean I should go to the gym more but starting next Wednesday I will go..nevermind I cannot worry about that right now. There he is....Eugene. God he is so sexy. Even sexier out of his Applebees uniform. Okay gathering my girls for photo time......okay okay......looking over here. Makes duck lips. He is for sure staring. He is interested I bet. Just playing it cool because he saw how pretty I looked. He is going to make me his girlfriend for sure.

Man at the Bar A Duck Lips Tale Part 2

Opening Scene. Man at the bar. Drinking some sort of beer that is popular in whatever country he is in.

Okay rocking this Ed Hardy T, hair is just right. I have some money on me should be able to pick a girl up. Got to make sure she is into me though I am pretty sure Dana is going to be here. Ya, if she asks about work I mean I know Applebees sucks but I will tell her I am totally going to go back to Devry to get that engineering degree. I mean I totally am enrolled., That will impress her she seems normal I mean not completely crazy hey hey there she is. Shes with some friends I will just casually go over there and.....sees duck lip face.....WHAT THE FUCK? WHY do women do that she looks like she is mentally retarded. Okay like clearly she is skanky that is the only thing that face can explain. Sluts do it. I mean I will still nail her.....hard.....

Intervention: A Duck Lips Tale Part 3

The above tale is made up. But unfortunately duck lips continues to prevail in our society. Women and even some men who may enjoy show tunes do this at an increasing frequency. The only way to stop it is to do something about it. If you see someone in your society making this face, be sure to tell them how stupid they look and if they just get angry and assume they are looking good show them what they look like in the mirror you carry in your pocket. If they do not immediately shriek in horror and embarassment they must be some sort of alien being and can only be stopped with fire. Good luck my friends we are all with you. Someday this hideous plague will end.